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Re: The Green Debate

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  • Mike helsher
    ... No, actually she always seemed to me to have somthing stuck up her butt. Usually complaining about everyone that thinks they know something about RS. She
    Message 1 of 8 , Feb 23, 2005
      --- In anthroposophy_tomorrow@yahoogroups.com, Griselda Andersen
      <hatscaps66@y...> wrote:
      > --- Larry org> wrote:
      > >
      > > Mike helsher wrote:
      > >
      > > I've
      > > > always had an interest in solar energy. When I
      > > told a well read
      > > > anthro friend of mine about my idea of building my
      > > own solar
      > > powered
      > > > bike, she gave me a frown an told me that I'd be
      > > mis-using the "sun-
      > > > beings" if I did that.
      > Well Mike, How evolved of your friend to be worrying
      > about Sun beings!She must be way up in the anthro
      > stairway to the higher worlds or something to have
      > such lofty concerns, eh!!However, because I am a piece
      > of crap human being only, it kind of strikes me as odd
      > that she wouldn't care about frowning at a fellow
      > human being and friend for the sake of those little
      > sun bastards up there. But, this is just me, I am
      > horribly, horribly loyal to my own kind. I am sure she
      > is a wonderful person and had her fucking reasons to
      > be a pain in your ass and you being the nice guy that
      > you are will probably feel obliged to write me
      > justifying her conduct. PLEASE DON'T BOTHER!!!I'm sure
      > she's great blahblahblah.

      No, actually she always seemed to me to have somthing stuck up her
      butt. Usually complaining about everyone that thinks they know
      something about RS. She also seemed to know exactally where, on the
      planet, that the arch angel Michael was, at any given moment. I
      dono. She also wouldn't have been caught dead with anything plastic
      in her house. To each their own I guess.

      Oh come on Grizelda, do yo really think that I'm that much of
      a "nice guy"???? Well, fuck that! I can be a roaring flaming asshole
      too you know... :^{

      I was thinking of setting up an internet e-mail flaming service. If
      I let the FisherCat out on a long leash, I might be able to make
      some good doneros for my services on various E- lists; Preferably
      dualistic simplton fundie lists. Hey what the hell, I live in
      amerika, and it's the amerikan way....Perhaphs we could be in
      business together Griz, How bout this:

      "The Grizzely FisherCat internet Flaming services."

      "got some arrogant ignorant jerk bugging you on the internet, that
      needs his or her ass flamed? Don't have the time or the energy or
      the heartlessness to do it your self? Well, we have the time and the
      energy and the heartlessness that you need...for a small fee..."

      > But do me a little favor, ok? When you come to Atlanna
      > for that peach tea, please don't bring her with you.
      > We ain't going to get along that well, you know?

      Don't worry, she would only come if you claimed definitive
      clairvoyant coginitive experience and had a direct message for her
      from Christ.

      Hey, I will definatly look you up if I'm in the area. If your in the
      Orlando area, I get free tickets to Disney!!!

      > Much love and great idea about the bike. :)

      aaawwwww...thanks for the much Love thing. God knows I could use
      allot of that.

      actually, the bike is on the back burner for now. I'm hoping to make
      my own bio-desiel now.

      as always, more will be revealed :)

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