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R: [anthroposophy_tomorrow] Re: Spiritual Hierarchies - Lecture 10/global warming

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    ... Hi Jo my 2cc. Tesla s biographies are scarcely informed on many of the features of such a powerful and puzzling personality, especially about his last
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 23, 2005
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      > Apologies, admissions and appreciations from a currently very frosty
      > region might make some sense to this reply, but much is surely not
      > accounted for (. . . my apologies - this WILL happen at times . . .):
      > I have been offline for a week or two (not reading), but your message
      > (http://groups.yahoo.com/group/anthroposophy_tomorrow/message/13263)
      > particurlarly caught my attention (not reading - just browsing, mind
      > you):
      > Your kind words regarding Nicola Tesla (potent genius and humble
      > benefactor at heart - is my impression of this extraordinary individual)
      > caught my attention. Tesla's concepts are far beyond me and my mind,
      > but his presence is undeniable and his concepts extremely beguiling. I
      > have never seen reports/indications of his 'spirituality', so I conclude
      > (somewhat sadly) that his domain remained the one closest to our
      > (physical) earth-globe.

      Hi Jo my 2cc.
      Tesla's biographies are scarcely informed on many of the features of such a
      powerful and puzzling personality, especially about his last
      twenty-twentyfive years that are really hidden inside a fog. Surely he was
      due to thge fact that he has always been a target for the Lodges and
      Corporate powers, JP Morgan as his main "enemy", and , after WWI for the
      Intelligence too.
      He was raised as a pious boy inside his Croatian family . He had also a
      special spiritual link with his mother (he was never interested in sex or
      women, being his energies totally given to his work, and most of all he had
      no capacity for business, being stolen on and on of the royalities of his
      enormous genius).
      On his inner life: according to his biographer he had some of his
      inventions like an actaul vision, beginning with his "polyphase motor", in
      spite of the fact that he was also a master inside Mathemathics language .
      He seems having been a real "High Priest of Electricity" and so it seems
      also a guy able to live, on and on, in the "Border Line" between the
      sub-earthly realms of electricity and magnetism and the Lofty Realms of the
      Ethers. Surely he was an Inititae, but the actual question is "what the
      School ?"
      Thinking on Tesla is also thinking on Keely. And we notice that Tesla
      exprienced also in "mechanic-vibratory" field, the was of little interest
      for him, , but the most interesting issue is that Keely was able to
      experience in a fully etheric way with no use of any kind ao electricity.


      > Now, my words are particularly NOT to put this extraordinary genius
      > down, but to signal a diffuse sense of remorse at the fact that Tesla
      > was (apparrently) distracted from making some appropriate connections .
      > . . (to our common disadvantage). However - as you also hint at -
      > Tesla was more than 'slightly' taken by the triad/number three - in fact
      > (my impression) the '3'-ness was close to an obsession with this genius
      > (take three for Tesla!) . . . The deeper significance of his affinity
      > (to '3') is not within my grasp, but we are all still confronted with
      > reminiscenses of his romance with this number, '3'!, in all strange ways
      > of consequence.
      > Stargate, Zarathustra and Sirius seem to me like mantras, names and
      > beacons on the way to a broader view and insight . . . please don't feel
      > obliged to respond to this meandering message - is is mostly a sign of
      > gratitude, not clarity!
      > Regards
      > JoS
      > holderlin66 wrote:
      > >
      > > holderlin wrote:
      > >
      > > "on the other hand all of Tesla's free global energy has
      > > always been possible to establish and was a gift from this initiate
      > > to humanity. Tesla had offered 100% free global energy, without
      > > pollution, for life. There would be no need to charge fees for
      > > electricity or electric cars without pollution, because Tesla had
      > > the global field of Earth's energy down to a science before he died.
      > > The patents are held by the military and were scooped up by J.P.
      > > Morgan."
      > >
      > > Bradford comments;
      > >
      > > Henry Ford ruminates back to a specific Egyptian incarnation that he
      > > felt he truly had. Steiner does not apparently disagree. But what
      > > does this have to do with J. P. Morgan and Global Warming? Well
      > > fossil fuels and the backwards Egyptian Folk Soul, Retarded Archai
      > > being that is carrying his burden from the third cultural epoch into
      > > our Amerikan epoch, certainly has locked down an issue of retrograde
      > > energy and fossil fuels. The Auto... The auto is called the CAR. But
      > > the KA is an egyptian etheric body and the whole structure of
      > > egyptian esotericism and Spiritual Science describe together what
      > > all initiates have known about the nine bodies of the Soul.
      > >
      > > Tesla had used the whole magnetic current of the Earth, and brought
      > > about a field, a vast macro field of energy that could easily be set
      > > up and tapped, freely. But STeiner also brings the idea that
      > > electricity brings about the decay of the EArth more rapidly. But
      > > the social world that STeiner described, in the meaning of a global
      > > unity of a Threefold world incorporating WEST-MIDDLE-EAST using as
      > > Tarjei has described very cleary, hygenic, eugenic and mechanical
      > > occultism gifts.... are spread in souls everywhere.
      > >
      > > But those same distorted gifts are used by military, and corporate
      > > aspects to distort and dislocate all aspects of pharmo manipulation,
      > > weaponary, lab enhanced diseases... And of course we have the auto
      > > and the western materialistic life style that is supposed to pass as
      > > spreading democracy. You see the Egyptian Folk Spirit would
      > > certainly love for itself to evolve through humanity to embrace the
      > > Christ Being so it can link through humans to the Christ advancing
      > > Being. The Egyptian retarded Folk catch up to its own higher
      > > development through us. Amerika is failing at this important task.
      > > And of course failing every aspect of the world. Even when the EU
      > > has developed as one part of the intrinsic threefold puzzle, Amerika
      > > in the face of GWB can't stand it, won't have it and is willing to
      > > push a new nuclear fear down our throats to refuse it.
      > >
      > > Finally then, a Sun Being, an Elohim merged and transfomred the
      > > human consciousness, wore the human form and took all the entire
      > > model of human consciousness with it into the core of the Earth as a
      > > new model of the human pulse of the EArth Being. Therefore we have
      > > this triad model raying out. We have the external Planetary and Sun
      > > forces speaking to the whole global community as a balancing climate
      > > agent that communicates a requirement for global citizenship. The
      > > ATMA of ancient Saturn, the healing fire, not uranium, the healing
      > > glow, not the radioactive glow, landed and was grafted into the
      > > entire moral human sphere.
      > >
      > > Now as an aside, if I thought of the Star Sirius and Zarathustra, at
      > > the core of the Earth is a raying out model of whole humanity, but
      > > the twin star to our sun is Sirius. Sirius is apparently
      > > Zarathustra's star...now with this information I can imagine newly
      > > what the film Star GAte and Egypt were really about. A time worm
      > > hole that connects as a doorway to the Sirus and the our own Sun and
      > > the two places...makes one wonder.
      > >
      > > So why did we vote Bush into office again? And the Egyptian,
      > > backward Archai, will we mine the entire demonic elemental forces of
      > > the fallen Egyptian culture, fallen star wisdom and plug it into our
      > > militaristic sciences? Something to do with Mummy and the Scorpian
      > > King and the Scorpian being the fallen Eagle... so if you have even
      > > heard of the Mummy and The Scorpian King, we would have troubled
      > > sense of what the third epoch is doing under our fifth epoch of
      > > culture now.
      > >
      > > You see the eduaction of the entire backward Egyptian cultural epoch
      > > sits and rests on how we transform it now in the fifth. Down to
      > > details of social life in every part of the global community and of
      > > course right to the car and the automobile which is using all the
      > > fossil fuels on the planet. and the SuV or Suburban utility vehicles
      > > used as gas guzzling monsters to maintain the retardation factors so
      > > Ahriman can manipulate the fundies and Karl Rove can have gay lovers
      > > at White House Press meetings.
      > >
      > > And STeiner was very sad, sad indeed that Henry Ford had not found
      > > Spiritual Science and that Americans had not had the opportunity to
      > > see the mystery and unity of the First Goetheanum. Steiner was
      > > tragically upset on this count...but, heck, you do the
      > > math...Humanity is called upon to reeducate higher beings through
      > > our rich grasp of Pauline and Spiritual Sciences.
      > >
      > > How about U?
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