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  • danifyou@tv.videotron.ca
    Hi Simone, Thanks Michael, Hello Bradford; To the one who did not understand a thing - As she revealed... ;) Danny mercy-says this ;) Dear - let me tell you
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 22, 2005
      Hi Simone, Thanks Michael,
      Hello Bradford;

      To the one who did not understand a thing -
      As she revealed... ;) Danny mercy-says this ;)

      Dear - let me tell you how I proceeded
      So that in so doing - you I may Illuminate. . .

      It all started with these German words
      That I've encountered as
      Team/(T(Hem(e)-a)-totalogic related
      To the Rhythmic System and Blood;
      Circulation - Activity - Circuit -*State*
      Positive Redundant, Re-Occuring,
      Return(s)-hence: R√úCKLEIDEND;
      The Hold(halten) that is DHARANA,
      The 'Thought-Control' Mind Emptiness
      Allowing Proper *Indentification*
      Of, To and With Beings and Objects to Focus on
      In a Living Dynamic Encompassing Fashion
      *Body of Love* - the Penta[gram]
      Our Very Etheric Principle
      Plastic Mobile Forces of Edification,
      The Social Christic Interelational;
      Also Sun Kingdom on Earth. . .

      The Serie of words all Contained 'halten',
      That is: "to hold, keep, support, maintain";
      Which is btw the Qualitative of the Second
      Person, the *Middle* Placed God
      Vishnu of the Indian Legacy-Tradition;
      Moreover a Previous Approach to and Naming of Christ
      When He was still on the Sun as Spirit Living in Time
      Prior to His Descent in the Realm of Space
      And Matter With Man and In/As one: Jesus.

      So, Inhalt, Inhale, Breath, Inspire. . .
      To Give His Own Life also Meant this Share
      That Occured After the Resurrection
      Out of the Pure Spiritual Condensed Visible. . .
      ". . .Peace be unto you. . ."
      "And when He had Said this,
      He Breathed on them, and Said unto
      them, Receive ye the Holy Spirit"

      That which I would also call White
      Active Intelligence Angel-Wise. . .

      What 'happened' to have been 'given'
      To them, this, ourselves now we can
      Consciously 'Acquire' through Work
      As Grace is also Bestowed
      Along the Way of the Quest.

      Asserting(ponirende) Catharsis;
      Being(Wesen) Crafter of this
      Power of Change (Wechselkraft);
      Spirit-Pondering, and Reaction to that Act;
      In a Consciousness Moral that Enacts
      Dynamically out of itself the Good Found
      In Heart and Directed with Head Michaelian;
      That is, with the Force Generating Potent Actions
      Even down Into the Very Fibers of your Bony System;
      To Suffuse with Will -->Yourself;
      And Transmute the Dead
      With the Power of the Word
      Of Worlds; once again: 'Strenght', and
      The First Hierarchicals of the Father
      To Unite with Within Force of Penetration
      The Fire of Renewal Called Love;
      Dichtunskraft, the Power
      Of Speech Resounding-Creation.

      "Imagination is the Power of Creation
      in Relation to Intuition, it is the Power
      of Presentation [Darstellungskraft]
      in Relation to Representation." -Novalis

      The Star/Stellar Building Blocks
      Towards a New World Solar;
      The Constellations-Groups Forming
      Ideas Associative [in order]
      To Freely Pan-Penta-ReMix. . . . .


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