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  • Mike helsher
    ... distorted when ... some ... things in ... nothing I said ... focused on the ... seen ... TV. Such ... highlight ... are ... Never. Never, Indeed. Most
    Message 1 of 10 , Feb 21, 2005
      --- In anthroposophy_tomorrow@yahoogroups.com, Tarjei Straume
      <cyberuncle@c...> wrote:
      > At 16:04 19.02.2005, Mike wrote:
      > >I can't understand a word in the vidio, but I don't need to.
      > In a way, that's fortunate, because things can get terribly
      distorted when
      > you talk for an hour and they cut it down to three minutes with
      > imaginative screenplay. One gets the impression that I was doing
      things in
      > Las Vegas that I was actually doing in L.A. and Phoenix, and
      nothing I said
      > that I did in Las Vegas was kept in, but all the footage was
      focused on the
      > Las Vegas Strip.
      > In this case, there is just a little inaccuracy involved, but I've
      > terrible blunders done when this sort of thing is broadcasted on
      TV. Such
      > distortions aren't necessarily done deliberately; the editors
      > what they think is most important, and the viewers and listeners
      > misled. So it goes to show that you can never trust the media.

      Never, Indeed. Most corporate media is reduced to "emotionally
      potent over-simplifications." Sound bites. And it's cool that you
      were part of the process that wasn't profit orientated, and still
      had to trim and edit to the bone. Probably cause most emdia
      orientated societies are pleagued with huge amounts of the
      population, Perhaps 90%, that suffers from a form of ADHD. Not the
      kind that needs ritilan, but the kind that slides into etheric
      numbness if there aint some high voltage shock treatment available
      to keep us awake.

      Another interesting spin on the media influence; this just happened
      to me today: I was sitting in the parking lot of a coffee shop this
      morning, sipping my warm coffee and chewing on a bagel, when a
      church lady walked up to my window with a pamphlet. I knew right
      away that she was part of some kind of a christian conversion cult,
      because I say a picture of Jesus leading the lambs on the back
      cover. She was real nice and didn't ask he those offensive God
      questions about life and the rapture that most conversion fundies
      ask, and suggested that I have something to read with my coffee and
      bagel, smiled like a good church lady, and left. What was very
      interesting is that this pamphlet was not chock full of all the
      usual Jahova's whitness simplistic end of the world stuff. It had
      all kinds of surfacey articles that would tug on most peoples heart
      strings.: endangered species, the environment, oil, money, marriage,
      crime, and punishment. ThE crime article was a dead giveaway for me
      though, as it had the usual incarseration ideal as the best means to
      deal with all the scary criminals. It wasn't till the very end did
      it mention, only slightly, that it was a pamphlet from the Jahovas

      Looks like religious indoctrination cults are learning form the
      corporate media.

      > In this video, you get a very tiny glimpse of my good friend Ray,
      the guy
      > with the hat, hair, beard and glasses who gets a short comment in,
      and is
      > better seen in this photo from a decade ago:
      > http://www.uncletaz.com/anarchistphotos/raywild.html
      > Fortunately, Ray kinda puts up with what I say about him in public
      as long
      > as I use his first name only, and he's really a character to tell
      > about. One of his long kept secrets is that he was once a British
      > officer, and those of us who know him well have always speculated
      that his
      > only motive for having pursued such a career must have been his
      > interest in military history. As a matter of fact, it was Ray who
      taught me
      > the Moltke strategy. He has a great admiration for general von
      Moltke, not
      > because he's an anthro, because he isn't. He's a Waldorf graduate
      of old
      > though, and he is also the one who taught me that anthroposophists
      > called "anthropops."
      > Ray has a passion for military history and strategy, and he is
      > familiar with all kinds of Oriental martial arts. This interest of
      his is
      > reflected through his dress codes; he usually wears some kind of
      > garment he has picked up at the Salvation Army, where he gets his
      food and
      > clothing. He sleeps outside, even in the winter in cold Norway,
      because he
      > prefers it that way, not because he doesn't have a choice.
      > Ray is now 60, born in 1944, and considering his passionate
      interest, I bet
      > it was very close to D-day when he came into the world. He was
      born in
      > Ghana in Africa, and his father was one of those old-fashioned
      > colonialists with felt hat and khaki shorts and binoculars and all
      > stuff. And in addition to being a total homeless bohemian tramp,
      Ray comes
      > across as a professor of linguistics. What brought him to Norway
      many years
      > ago, was his interest in Nordic languages. Consequently, he speaks
      > Norwegian without a noticable accent. His English is polished RP,
      > King's English. We used to joke about him proof-reading every
      dictionary he
      > comes across, and he can get into long-winded discussions about
      > grammar, syntax etc. As a matter of fact, he gets long-winded
      > everything and tends to make a short story long.

      Oh man, I love this guy already. I bet he knows about Chompsky's
      other half: "syntactic structures". I tried to get a bead on this
      stuff a while back and it flew over my head for the most part.
      > Ray is a freelance teacher by profession - for PUBLIC schools
      only; sorry
      > to disappoint the WC scandal snoopers - but he doesn't get many
      > because he's not that easy to find with no home and no telephone.
      So he's
      > doing translating and editing assignments, and the "client" he's
      > working with for years now is some African guy, from Sudan I
      believe. Ray
      > and I used to hang out in African bars and night clubs in the old
      > when I had just re-arrived oin Norway after an absence of almost
      20 years
      > and found myself somewhat alienated from mainstream society around
      > And now I'll get around to the story I heard from Ray at the time
      I got to
      > know him, approximately 15 years ago. It took him an hour and a
      half to
      > tell this story, because he always has to elaborate meticulously
      upon every
      > detail, but I'll sum it up as follows:

      <snip great story>

      Wow. Ray sounds to me like a "homeless soul" that has incarnated all
      that way down into the body. Makes you wonder don't it? His story
      reminded me of a guy that I use to see riding a bike in the warmer
      months, and wlaking all over town in Haverhill Mass, where I was
      born and grew up. My parnets told me to stay away from him, and
      pretty much implied that he was a freak. About twenty years went by
      and we just got used to seeing him in the city like you would a
      statue or something. A couple of my friends told me that one day
      they finally stopped and talked to the guy and were amazed. Turns
      out the he had written several books and earned a PHD. He had lots
      of money too, but he chose to live in his tent, or the local
      shelters for years. Another "homeless soul" I think.

      > http://www.uncletaz.com/raythetans.html
      > About his tiny bit on my video: When I get animated towards the
      end, I'm
      > talking about Jens Bjørneboe and how repugnant I think it is when
      > schools want to make his works into curriculum. A bohemian
      > arch-anarchist who drank himself to death and hanged himself and
      > Marquis de Sade and orgies and what have you, is supposed to be
      > respectable and palatable for school kids. And Ray reflects:
      that's how
      > they neutralize him, remove him as a threat against the

      You know, Catro doesn't have a great human rights record, but it was
      revealed that what the US government wanted to cover up about him
      the most, is the idea of "taking matters into your own hands."

      I'm sorry I missed your post about Jens Bjørneboe. I've been meaning
      to go back and read it. Sounds like something that's right up my

      all the best

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