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Re: [anthroposophy_tomorrow] Re: Avatar-Esoteric Youth

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  • Michael Knaak
    ... From: yogidahl2000 Now,this Haidakhan Baba,that You mention (?)- Personally I don t believe in his claim to be Shiva Mahavatar Babaji- Some do believe in
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 20, 2005
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      Now,this Haidakhan Baba,that You
      mention (?)- Personally I don't believe in his claim to be Shiva
      Mahavatar Babaji- Some do believe in it,like Nina Hagen,the Punk
      Goddess "

      Well,first off: The existence of Mahavatar Babaji was not publicly
      known until 1946 (if I remember),when Yogananda wrote about him –
      It's very strange,that since then dozens of people have claimed
      they've met with Babaji- some even claim to  BE  Babaji!--- How can
      one take such Nonsense seriously??- We're talking here about one of
      the most advanced and exalted spiritual figures in Human
      History,who's living in a body more etheric than physical,and who's
      invisible unless he wants to be seen
      Anyway,Michael – a Happy Sunday to You!
      Hi - thanks for the sunday-greetings.... we had some snowstorms this weekend, which is very unusual this part of Europe...
      The Haidakhan Babaji is probably the one who died about 1925 or so....
      Babaji, who returned to Haidakhan in his next incarnation, appeared again in (I think) 68 or 69 being about 18/19 years old and died in 1984.  And it is said, that another incarnation took place in 1995.
      When you talk about one of the most advanced...figures.... - are you talking here about Shiva? Just a question, because Shiva is understood as the Creator, God, as we use it in Christianity. That couldn't be what you mean by one of the most advanced....
      I find it very interesting, that Rudolf Steiner at one point, when addressing the esoteric youth, says:
      "Und für die heutige Jugend ist es wieder an der Zeit, ältestes Weisheitsgut der Menschheit wieder gegenwärtig zu machen."
      "For the youth of today (192Oies) it is again a task to enliven (revive) oldest wisdom of mankind. "
      (something like that...)
      Than he gives a sanskrit mantram.
      THis is a bit my point - often we talk about old cultures in a sort of "old stuff" mentality - but actually, there waits a lot of work to be done ... for anthroposophists... - and I notice, when it comes to Hinduism, I'm really lost. But if you imagine, the wisdom which is out there - all these miracles, that still happen today....
      all these masters, gurus, avatars etc... it might be good to know more about it.

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