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  • gaelman58
    ... decency? ... Jackie ... sold them ... that fans ... gum ... Royal ... Didn t Oi tell ye about these two?...the on-goin assalt on the hoirarchy of truth
    Message 1 of 8 , Jan 1, 2005
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      --- In anthroposophy_tomorrow@yahoogroups.com, Tarjei Straume
      <cyberuncle@c...> wrote:
      > At 20:07 31.12.2004, Frank wrote to Gaelbloomers:
      > >Hey G, please leave the Queen's knickers out of this. Have you no
      > They may be worth a lot of money. Once upon the time, somebody dug
      > Kennedy Onassis' worn-out, unwashed panties out of the trash and
      sold them
      > for ten grand a piece on the streets of New York. And I've heard
      that fans
      > of Britney Spears have received offers via email to buy a piece of
      > she's been chewing on. So I wouldn't underestimate the Queen's
      > Knickers; check out the London auctions :)
      > Happy New Year - we're a couple of hours into 2005 here already.
      > Tarjei

      Didn't Oi tell ye about these two?...the on-goin' assalt on the
      hoirarchy of truth with nuthin' sacred...

      Can't you people understand the very rudiments of Steiner's
      teaching?...in this, the thaumaturgical consideration of Women's
      Pantiology, the truth is again obscured...in no way may the drawers
      of Britney Spears be made equivalent to those of the Queen of Yankee
      Camelot...the panties of a girl compared to those of a fully mature,
      accomplished women!...how do I know such a thing?...it's part of the
      on-going revelation I receive from Herself, La Papesse, Mistress of
      the Night.
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