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Re: Depleted Uranium (Reparations, withdrawal and Apology - whatever)

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  • Jo Selsjord
    Stephen and all interested, Thank you, Stephen - one reply will do for me (http://groups.yahoo.com/group/anthroposophy_tomorrow/message/10737); the
    Message 1 of 76 , Dec 29, 2004
      Stephen and all interested,

      Thank you, Stephen - one reply will do for me
      the chemistry/physics/economics lesson from my previous message
      will continue a step further - following this correction of a serious
      flaw in my last message: Please note that the term 'tonnes/kilogrammes'
      should be read as 'tonnes/1000 kilogrammes' - one ton/tonne is of course
      (approximately) one thousand kilogram(me)s or about two thousand pounds
      however you twist it.

      In this remote part of the world we have the concept of 'brønn-pissing'
      ('well pissing') - not an honourable activity; to scourn your neighbour
      and contaminate his well - source of life and respectability - to the
      extreme. Now, this 'uranium missile' thing - in my opinion - doesn't
      constitute just the unpleasantness and scorn of pissing out of bounds;
      it is antisocial, major and massive pollution completely unheard of
      since the final athmospheric nuclear bomb trials in the sixties - or
      maybe since the 1986 Chernobyl 'glitch' (which actually made some heavy
      and long lasting deposits up here).

      To sum up and complete the previous lesson: Uranium is an elemental
      metal and - to my knowledge - the heaviest element occurring naturally
      on our beautiful, unstable planet (heavy metal, indeed - uranium) - and
      you won't find a heavier Stone anywhere. Uranium-238 (U238) is the most
      stable and by far the most abundant isotope of uranium (greater than
      99%). For this reason it is also a major waste product of the
      mining/extraction of uranium fuel for nuclear electric plants (and

      Its density (as heavy as they come) makes it ideal for ammunition (it
      will penetrate almost any shell or armour). As an added bonus uranium
      is pyrophoric - it will self ignite and start a poisonous fire when
      pulverised (as will occur upon impact of a bullet/missile) - aerosol
      particles will spread within the target object (e.g. inside an armoured
      vehicle) and also widely in the sorrounding environment. Its
      radioactive properties makes U238 an active pollutant and poisonous
      agent when inhaled (e.g. areosolic compounds created through burning) or
      ingested (e.g. through contaminated water or foods). These properties
      have been known and assumed effective and 'interesting' since the
      Manhattan Project (http://www.xs4all.nl/~stgvisie/VISIE/caldicott.html).

      Among other sources (Utah, Colorado, the Congo Basin . . .) uranium has
      been reaped and raped (with a sneer - one might imagine) from sacred
      places of the Chipewyan people of Saskatchewan in North West Canada -
      just to be be dumped like well considered piles of shit in the Iraqui
      desert and in Iraqui oasises - anywhere in the Iraqui home land (imagine
      the sneer at each of these - to us - infinite numbers of explosive
      excretions); now I wonder and ponder - who is sneering and laughing all
      the way to the next bar?

      Alabama Song
      Oh, show *me/us/us* the way to the next *whiskey* bar
      Oh, don't ask why
      *No/Oh/No*, don't ask why
      For we must find *the/our/the* next *whiskey* bar
      Or if we don't find *the/our/the* next *whiskey* bar
      I tell you we must die
      I tell you we must die
      I tell you, I tell you, I tell you we must die

      Oh, Moon of Alabama,
      it's time to say good-bye
      We've lost our good ol' mama,
      and must have *whiskey*, oh, you know why

      Yes I wonder - who is laughing, farting and sneering all the way to the
      next bar . . .

      (trying to keep my ass tightly shut)


      PS: Some sample references for ambitious students:
      History and premeditation:
      Feeble (my word) explanations: http://www.nato.int/du/docu/d010306b.htm
      Poisoning: http://777.health-shopper.net/poisintro.html
      Poisoning: http://www.ratical.org/radiation/WorldUraniumHearing/
      Or try this for your very personal flavour:
      (Now, there'll be a lightning test on monday)

      Quote of the day
      "Natural Uranium contains a mixture of U235 and U238 isotopes. It is
      used to
      fuel nuclear reactors, which give us power."

      'give us power' - indeed!
    • yogidahl2000
      Thanks for the website, Flemming!:)It is beautiful and it was interesting to check some of the people. Of course I didn t know any, just one, Linda Goodman,
      Message 76 of 76 , Feb 12, 2005
        "Thanks for the website, Flemming!:)It is beautiful and it was
        interesting to check some of the people. Of course I didn't know
        any, just one, Linda Goodman, because a friend of mine liked her
        very much, she made
        sense for her (didn't happen to me...)"

        Hi Griselda!
        Yes,it's a neat website,including all these Twentieth Century
        astrologers,yet I think there are some omissions,like Irene
        Christensen,a fine danish astr.,Heinrich Kündig (who invented a
        complicated correction method) or Conrad Moricand (who,btw,was not a
        nice guy,and Henry Miller wrote a whole book about that!)

        Hitler went to a fortuneteller.
        "When will I die?", he wanted to know.
        "You'll die on a jewish holiday", the fortuneteller said, after
        examining Hitler's left hand.
        "WHICH jewish holiday?", Hitler urged.
        "Who cares ?", the astrologer said,
        "when you die, it IS a jewish holiday".

        Well,Gris,may Jupiter,the Good Fortune planet be with You!
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