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Re: God and Hendrix

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  • holderlin66
    Steve Haag wrote: Good mojo here from you. The problem seems to be one of bars and baskets. Do we raise the bar or lower it? Do we raise the basket or lower
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      Steve Haag wrote:

      "Good mojo here from you. The problem seems to be one of bars and
      baskets. Do we raise the bar or lower it? Do we raise the basket or
      lower it to a level where it is possible for growing humanity to be
      encouraged by actually making any balls get through from their
      current capacity to aim and shoot?"

      Hi Haag;

      Yes a good teacher might be able to see the striving. I vowed after
      years of being a playwright to write up to my Angel instead of
      writing down to the sixth grade level that was demanded by studios.
      Now this meant that I secreted and enjoyed the flashes of intuition
      and links of perception sooner and with fresh richness and they led
      verticallly and invigorated and also brought interest, wide and
      spread out interest in things beside my feelings, because I had to
      explore the linked ideas and see if they held validity.

      The validity, for my own development, wasn't just anything but were
      things in my soul where my own learning leaped when some idea or
      phrase super triggered itself. Yet I was schooled by some of the
      finest thinkers on the planet, but never lost my Artistic humanistic
      sense. Hell look at Heidegger's thinking and you can see some very
      hot dance steps. But you ain't about to or mature enough to pleasure
      in the process of Heidegger but in my studies with Holderlin,
      Heidegger had some important insights.

      My adventure to the core of Romantic Idealism at the Goetheanum is a
      typical adventure that everyone is having but they can't recognize
      it. Just off shore from Spiritual Science we got a lot of little
      surfers waiting to see if their wave is ready. But they don't know
      if they even want to wind surf or ride that wave in with their

      Inwardly I leaped into the clues my Angelic intuition gave me and
      they were shared in conversations and raw energetic failures on my
      part, in the Cool Hand Luke term, failures on my part to communicate.

      Being a Waldorf Teacher and having done the homework of
      understanding each child and my own children from the standpoint of
      incarnation and unique temperament always with the unselfish growing
      capacity to see others thoughts and sense their meanings or their
      hallucinations. Naturally everybody body has a point and everybody
      is in the big water with the tempters.

      But Back to Hendrix and Playing Steiner. Much that Joel demands of
      others in thinking, is only a phase of intuitional training.
      Certainty, symptomology and taking your Angelic intuition seriously,
      which are really raying aspects of Spirit Self, Life Spirit and
      Spirit Man..forces ahead of my I AM... beaconing me. Now Joel can
      hardly recognize it in others and this has links to who Joel is and
      how he got there. Just as my intuition will be unique but within the
      structure and yours will be and Hendrix was. Or Jancie Joplin or
      Dylan, but rich and we know what rich means and it doesn't mean self
      destructive. Spiritual Science does not promote self destructive
      behavior or encourage Egregorial phantasy.

      Hendrix playing the Star Spangled and Steiner rolling out the
      thunder of the new Michael Christology is that powerful and that
      passionate and indeed what we have, and Joel has a point, is that
      the society still continues to play High School marching band music.
      Stephen Hale is likely loaded with wild stray jumping beans, but
      they make some sense if you can get him to express it properly. His
      Slavic idea in the Devachan... did not become balanced in Gurdjeff
      but in Ommraam Mikael Asinov and his teacher, we had the real item

      Now lets look at Humpty Dumpty, my other theme. You see, when these
      themes whizzed by through how I grasped Mike, a whole new fresh
      breeze blew in that I had long awaited to understand. You see I have
      read and have plenty of SOP books. But my understanding of reality
      is not so top heavy and so luciferically heady as the inexperienced
      SOP. If we take Poppelbaum's, Konig's and Steiner's accounts and
      specific examples of biology and karmic examples or science related
      data, we get a very wholesome rich picture of the human being
      founded on experience. Sharp pivotal facts wedge in between lofty
      spiritual vision, that anchors the idea...so that it becomes fun
      hunting for related ideas in science, biology and verification of
      concrete Spirit in facts. SOP was a high flag pole on a windy coast.

      Now SOP cut and pasted, raw, heady, synthesized ideals, rather like
      Plato using Socrates etc.. only we see how Plato did it and we see
      the warmth that is too thin and the facts too introverted to Dr.
      Steiner and patching together the shattered Anthro Society. SOP has
      not had the time or maturity to enter into comparitive psychology,
      science research and building a clear impression of etheric, astral,
      I AM activity and understanding the flavor in any country of
      Sentient Soul or Intellectual Soul flavor and Consciousness Soul
      flavor. Specific schooled observations which can be constantly
      verified. Just as the symptomology of Lucifer and Ahriman can be
      verified concretely from other people, Mark Twain's "Mysterious
      Stranger" for example train the eye to see things without the aid of
      the lens of Steiner but complimenting it all the same. But that is
      Schooling, not hot air bickering and actual fence sitting laziness.

      Mark Twain is mainly healthy Intellect Soul and tried with his
      lecture tours and other writings to extend out to the Consciousness
      Soul and in "The Mysterious Stranger" we have an American
      Consciousness Soul Faust experience. Think of how Twain built his
      River Boat Huck astral and American personality forces, sentient
      soul experiences of village life. He built up his artistic
      intellectual soul, remained unfettered to religion, dogma or creed
      and suffered heart breaking personal tragedies and also grew in
      stature under what? Under the time frame of Halley's Comet.
      Unfettered, free flying, whizzing through our mental system again,
      taking a rectal temp and flyng out with Halley's comet. But such
      details are not fun for heady, mantramish, luciferic adoreres of
      SOP. SOP is POP star who has put Humpty, patched together again,
      called the Anthro Society. But you think we don't get a picture of
      his development in all this?

      Why? Well inability to compare human greatness and lack of insight
      into world history as fact, and not some stupid fable we were taught
      at school, makes the intellect a spoiled lazy little arrogant
      monster and that is where all these qualities that Val, Huxley and
      Tarjei brought up with where stupidity comes from.

      But you see HUmpty Dumpty was the shattered Society devastated by a
      World Event that right now in Amerika we are experiencing the same
      as Hitler's Germany. But the infection is as subtle as Information
      and data wars, not wars with new toys invented to be used, but wars
      on imagination, information and it is this quicksand that has eaten
      the soul life now. It was shattering real events that robbed and
      brought the society to the issue of finding a Young Krishnamurti in
      SOP who was a loyal idealist to Steiner, conservative, and who could
      cut and paste his way to restoring the idealism of the Anthro
      Soceity because the Anthro Society had become, rejected and wallowed
      in the type of High School thought forms of Steiner this and Steiner
      that, which makes for good marching bands...like Anthro for Dummies
      but not for producing thinkers that will play Hendrix accurately so
      we can recognize not only the Star Spangled Banner but the Mission
      of the Christ Event and Spiritual Science.

      The Dummies were those who have not learned to Play in proper lawful
      thought life and Science and Art with the joy and passion that
      Hendrix played with his music. Because in reality, Steiner was the
      Hendrix of Christianity. And the Anthro Society was a shattered
      Humpty Dumpty with a true grasp of the whole thought world, like
      music and the Christ Event. Now we can compare the shattered
      personality vessels of our age and those killed, like JFK when such
      Idealism was becoming a super heated cultural potency. SOP and a
      whole situation in Dornach arose when they were all looking to the
      Slavic side, finding some young, devoted and solid idealists to help
      pull Humpty together again. When SOP was spotted they were already
      looking for the Russian factor.

      But that doesn't mean I don't enjoy the massive footnoted, and
      referenced SOP tomes, and the rich ideas he kindles by rubbing two
      sticks together. It is rather that I see that it is patched together
      and lacks some narrative richness which he hadn't had time to
      develop, even if his idealism and intuition were straining,
      straining in the right direction. There is just a minor footnote of
      maturity, but hey, we are all works in progress.

      The difference between SOP and the West is that I know we can
      compare Hendrix and Steiner and it would serve a very important
      purpose and I look for souls who have just that type of flame of
      insight that should be verified by someone.

      Initiation did not shatter or burn out Steiner, he was an Initiate
      and was built for Initiation realities, Hendrix was not. Steiner
      carried it and it finally burned his inner organs and intestines
      later from the sheer will he used, as when Christ was holding
      himself together hours before the Crucifixion. Steiner did not waste
      himself as Hendrix did.

      So as you watch Hendrix with ease floating and making his passion
      clear, overlay Steiner with holding onto the feet of Michael or
      Seeing directly into the passionate music of the Cosmic Christ and
      within the storm and passion, Steiner compresses in his astral
      forces what he experienced and calmly makes music never heard before
      in science or religion.

      It's a challenge and I dare say most of us are just cardboard cut
    • Griselda Andersen
      Ok, Gaelman, thanks for answering me - finally, eh! Now go check your inbox one last time, there s something there for you. And in case Herr Holderlin is
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        Ok, Gaelman, thanks for answering me - finally, eh!
        Now go check your inbox one last time, there's
        something there for you. And in case Herr Holderlin is
        listening, no, it's NOT a nudie picture!!!

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