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My [rhetoric] is bigger than yours!

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  • Steinerhead@aol.com
    In a message dated 1/3/04 6:22:08 PM !!!First Boot!!!, lightsearcher1@yahoo.com writes: ... Yes, yes, but what about the rightey-tightey-loot-lovin spoiled,
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 3, 2004
      In a message dated 1/3/04 6:22:08 PM !!!First Boot!!!, lightsearcher1@... writes:

      Br Ron Opines:

      "...everyone is perpetually concerned about his
      own DIGNITY and advancement, where everyone
      has a GRIEVANCE and where everyone lives the
      and RESENTMENT."

      . . . . . . . . . .


      It is manifestly evident that this particular
      Hell is a tailor-made container for the Late
      Members of the wack-job Liberal Left --


      Because the wording so exquisitely describes
      the nihilistic culture of hyper-sensitivity and
      faux-grievance and faux-affront which the spoiled,
      ME-generation whiney-ass NATION-reading
      pinky-red-diaper-Doper-baby-Left has bequeathed
      to us over the past twenty years.

      Yes, yes, but what about the rightey-tightey-loot-lovin spoiled, FUCK THEM-generation; right wing conservative ideologues hoarding mountains of wealth and buying all that is consumable in the name of a mutated form of unfettered freedom, and proudly preaching their sledge-hammer-mosquito-hunt and nation-stomping-bloody-red-put-em-in-a-body-bag and send-em a nice letter from the president sermon; who would fry-em in the electric chair if they pulled the same shit over here.

      I stand my ground on this one, for the greater
      numeric majority of hard-Left-trendies have
      chosen to employ their own God-given liberty to
      become dedicated dope-heads during some part of
      their earthly careers.

      Hey, I know. Maybe we could re-employ good old Ollie and General Sechor (sp?) and the gang. If we can get these stupid young potential Liberals really doped up early in life, we can nip the problem in the butt. And then we could buy stock in the criminal justice system to boot. Think of all the jobs we could create for our fellow believers, and all the $ we could make off of these ignorant "dedicated dope heads."

      Then again we could just....

      "Kill-em all; let God sort-em out!"

      Truth and Rhetoric


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