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91Re: [anthroposophy_tomorrow] The Divine Feminine

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  • golden3000997@cs.com
    Nov 9 6:49 PM
      Hi Dottie!

      I'm going to paste all this on a word document, then hit the books for
      answers. The two Jesus children, along with the 2 Josephs & 2 Marys were what got me
      really excited in the first place (1976?) Lecture by Rene Querido (in person
      - Spring Valley NY Christmas conference) I liked all the cosmic stuff, but
      after having a bout with "born again" Christianity a few years prior (I graduated
      HS in 1973). I didn't want to hear anything about Jesus. Then that lecture -

      I still think it is the most REVOLUTIONARY concept in all of Anthrop, at
      least in the sense of Christology. It is such an open secret - and a terrific way
      to get Jehovah's Witnesses off your doorstep for good! ; )

      Well, the 2 Marys were pretty obvious after that and Steiner's "Gospel of St.
      Luke" has the most beautiful illumination in my opinion. But Steiner talks
      about the 3 soul forces - especially in the Mystery Dramas, which were pretty
      hot in Spring Valley when I was there at the time. It may have been in
      conversation with Hans & Ruth Pusch at lunch (I used to clean their house for a while
      before Hans died). But I guess I just needed Mary Magdalene personally. I felt
      that she was the only spiritual being I knew of at the time who could
      understand me at the time, being the sex freak I was back then (until fairly
      recently). She just fit in perfectly as the Maria of the Will Soul Force. Eva Maria
      (the Virgin Mary in Luke) the Maria of the Heart or Feeling Soul Force. Mother
      Mary (Maria Sophia of the Head or Thinking Soul Force).

      I went through a period of classes to become a Catholic (around 1991 or 1992
      I think). Oh my God, I can just hear the Anthropops howling now!!! But I have
      had such very profound experiences and reaction taking the Eucharist (which I
      did, even though not a Catholic) and I thought I should join so that I could
      do that with more honesty. I also was involved during that time with a
      University catholic church with very progressive thinking priests (and there are
      radicals among them, you know - another topic altogether!). It was a very good
      experience, but the whirlwind of my life took me away before my joining. I also
      have had periods of using the rosary and with very good inward effect. Somewhere
      in all of that, I really came clear about Her as the Divine Feminine of the
      Godhead. She is the Matrix, the Bearer, the Comforter. Christ said that He
      would send the Comforter and He has. I have been to Conyers, GA, and even though
      there was a spooky element that wasn't good (totally my own perception)
      nevertheless SHE was there simply because all the people were there to reach up to
      HER. I could feel Her Presence, but not necessarily from Nancy What's Her Name.
      'Nother subject.

      Then there is the whole Apocalypse thing - the woman clothed with the Sun,
      with the Stars around her head and the moon under her feet. The patriarchal
      church wants us to believe that that is an image of the "church" per se, but I
      don't think so. It is the Goddess and they really couldn't handle that!!

      I relate Mary Magdalene with the Divine Whore (oh, the howling!!!!) of the
      ancient mysteries. I believe that when men (male bodies to be specific)
      incarnated after the fall, they fell more deeply into matter than female bodies and
      during the Babylon/ Chaldean, Sumerian, etc. times, the priestesses were
      "whores" in the sense that men paid money to the temple, then went into the temple
      and lay with a priestess. During the sex act, she filled his soul with love and
      life force and raised his vibration so that he could feel connected again with
      the world of the stars. Don't ask me where this comes from, my own vision I
      guess, but probably lots of different things I've read over the years. But I
      did have a very real and very profound clairvoyant perception of myself in
      Atlantis after I had made love with someone who is a friend now (this was about
      seven years ago) and I actually felt in Spirit what sex was like back then -
      NOTHING could ever compare today with the unity of souls in the star world!!!!
      Well, we can't go back again, but Oh boy, was it amazing!!!

      I think that Mary Magdalene was in a way the last in the line of sacred
      whores. Her whole Ego from the past and bodily experience during the Incarnation of
      Christ brought this into line with the I AM. Through the Christ it was
      transformed into the power to heal the Will Element of the female soul force. Mind
      you, I am talking about Archetypes of Male & Female, not whether an individual
      is a man or woman. We are all both. Manifestations of Karma has some really
      funny passages about this!! : )

      Anyway, I'm going to get tied to the stake for all of this, I'm sure, but it
      lives within me and I don't have anyone in my life to share it with, so your
      asking is bound to unlock the floodgates!

      I will try to get some good sources for you. I don't really know how much of
      RS you have already studied and in what areas - there is so much to try to
      explore!! If you haven't read "St. Luke", I highly recommend it!

      More later!

      Christine : )
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