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  • yogidahl2000
    Dec 1, 2004
      Hi Everybody!
      I'm completely new to this Group,my name is Flemming and well,let
      me get straight to the point,here's something that has puzzled me
      for many years: Why is it that the Great,admirable Rudolf
      Steiner,the Thief who kind of Spoke- is never mentioning TIBET at
      When Mr.Steiner is dealing with the whole post-Atlantic
      era,India,Persia and so on,these cultures – He seems to never
      mention TIBET (though,I'll freely admit I haven't read ALL that
      Steiner wrote!) --- This in itself is quite remarkable,because if we
      look at other so-called spiritual authorities,like H.P.Blavatsky or
      Mr.Gurdjieff and many others with them – these people all seem to
      agree,that very Great Beings,High Initiates have been residing in
      Tibet since many centuries! (and I'm not talking here of Ascended
      Masters,I'm only talking about spiritually advanced yogis and
      lamas)---- For instance,Padmasambhava,the Lotus Guru,most likely
      he's one of the greatest beings ever to visit this planet—Was Rudolf
      S. aware of that??
      I tend to believe that – none of them along the line could hide very
      much from Dr.Steiner's x-ray Eyes – So much more I'm intrigued by
      Steiner's thunderous silence concerning TIBET!
      I wonder if anybody here on this list might have some clues??
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