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  • holderlin66
    Nov 1, 2004
      Ivan wrote:

      "To find statements regarding the "egolessness" we can also go back
      to our doctrinal scriptures where it's been said, "many are invited,
      but few are chosen".

      Or remember the parrabel of the seeds fallen to infertile ground.
      And yes, of course, all shall be redeemed, no worries. But that
      doesn't mean egos will be created out of nothing all at once where
      they haven't sprout forth. Redemption doesn't mean that when the
      school finishes, those that are still in the first class shall be
      given dissertations and titles; no it simply means the school is
      over and all are free.

      "The salt doll shall melt back into the sea" as the Vedantic
      parrabel puts.

      They can still uproot their false ego by doing constant self-enquiry
      and asking "Who I Am". And they can do it even now and get Moksha
      (liberation). That is redemption. They should not fear, as what they
      are is anyway not what they pretend to be, so no one is at lost.



      "We shall best understand this if we consider the following: Man has
      at the present time an ego, an astral body, an etheric body, and a
      physical body. How does further development come to pass? Through
      working continually upon himself.

      "Today the ego of man is still in many respects powerless to affect
      the other principles of his being, he is in many ways unable to
      control his passions, but is therefore ruled by them, that is, by
      his astral body. There is a great difference between human beings in
      this respect. Compare a savage who eats his fellow men with a
      European and then think of a high idealist such as Schiller or
      Francis of Assisi. You see here an advancing development which
      consists in man learning more and more to control his astral body by
      his ego. A time will come when the ego will do this completely; it
      will irradiate the astral body completely. Man will then have formed
      a higher principle, this principle we call Manas, or Spirit-Self. It
      is nothing but the astral body, which has been transformed by the

      "When we observe a man of the present day clairvoyantly we see that
      his astral body really consists of two parts, namely, the part that
      is already under the control of the ego and the part he is not yet
      able to control. This latter is still filled with lower forces and
      impulses, and when the ego drives these out all kinds of powers are
      added to the astral body.

      "In order that the astral body should not be destroyed by the lower
      forces it must always be permeated and suffused by higher beings who
      control it in the same way that man will control it in the future
      when he has attained the goal of his evolution. The beings whose
      task it is to control that part of the astral body which is still
      uncontrolled by man are one stage higher than he is, they are the
      Angels, or Spirits of Twilight. In fact one such Spirit watches over
      every human being, and this Spirit has power over the astral body;
      it is therefore no childish idea, but profound wisdom, to speak of
      guardian angels. These guardian angels have a great duty to perform.

      "Let us consider the course of a human life in its entirety. We know
      that it passes through many incarnations. At a given time — at a
      certain point in earthly evolution — man began to live as a soul, as
      an ego, in his first incarnation on earth. He then died, there was
      an interval, then a new incarnation, and so it has gone on from
      incarnation to incarnation; and these will only come to an end at a
      far-off period of human evolution. Man will then have passed through
      all his incarnations, and he will also have attained power to
      control his astral body perfectly. This can not be done till he has
      passed through all his incarnations, at least not in normal

      "Now, an Angel accompanies the inmost part of man's being and guides
      him from incarnation to incarnation, so that he may truly fulfil his
      mission on earth. It is, in fact, as if the human being had been
      able, since the beginning of his life on earth, to look up to an
      exalted Spirit who was his prototype, who could completely control
      his astral body, and who said to him Thou must be like unto me when
      in future thou passest out of this earthly evolution." It is the
      task of Angels to guide the incarnations of men' and whether we say
      that he looks up to his higher self, whom he must come to resemble
      more and more, or that he looks up to his Angel as his great
      pattern, it is exactly the same in a spiritual sense.

      "As man works further upon himself he will transform the etheric
      body into Buddhi, or Life Spirit; one day he will do this
      consciously, even now he is working on it unconsciously. So even
      higher Spiritual Beings have to work today in all human etheric
      bodies; this is the task of the Fire Spirits.

      "Now, human etheric bodies arc not individually so different as are
      human astral bodies. Every man has his own particular virtue or
      vice, but in things connected with the etheric body there is a
      certain similarity this can be seen in the qualities peculiar to a
      race or nation. Because of this we see that each individual human
      being does not have an Archangel in connection with his etheric
      body, but that whole nations and races are guided by higher or lower
      Spirits of Fire. The peoples and races of the earth are indeed
      guided as a whole by Archangels.

      "Here our view expands to something which to many persons is
      entirely abstract, but for those who are able to see into the
      Spiritual world it is entirely concrete. If anyone today mentions a
      national spirit, or a national-soul, this is considered an
      abstraction. It is not so to the occult observer. To him the whole
      nation is as if embedded in Spiritual substance and this Spiritual
      substance is the body of a Fire-Spirit. From hoary antiquity until
      now our evolution has been led and guided from people to people,
      from race to race, by the Spirits of Fire, whose bodies are the
      souls of nations, and whose mission it is to guide the course of
      human evolution through the various races of the earth."

      Bradford comments;

      Human forms are interesting standard issue as Star forces walking
      around on two legs, but with highly unique nuances or no nuances at
      all. We compared France and Joan of Arc to Mao. But when we look at
      individuals who tap the Archangel forces, Martin Luther King Jr.
      took hold as did Gandhi and as human beings, there is a teaching
      delivered to Christianize and uplift new forces into the education
      of the total race, and folk, with emphasis on the new mission of the
      Risen Etheric Christ Being.

      Civil Rights was not on the agenda of the Chinese under Mao.
      Undifferentiated etheic forces in the general race, would have and
      have come in conflict with incarnated astral differences. These
      individuals faced imprisionment, Nelson Mandela for instance,
      torture, death, as Joan of Arc did, and all in the model of the
      service of the higher developing faculties of the I AM. Germany
      bought the leadership of Hitler for a time and beings gathered, from
      darker retarded regions to prop up this human personality, Hitler.

      Again we see the Peoples Republic of China and Mao doing the same
      type of limb, etheric goose step, that Germany was doing, massive
      mind F--king. This will force went up into the brain, so that being
      different from the rest of the tidal etheric and physical body
      politic and will was seen as criminal. America is moving in a
      J.Edgar Hooverian, Patriot Act, Ashcroft twilight zone to nab the
      patriotism, the mind numbed will of America in order to create a
      schism that individual thinking I AM's and human community and
      Steiner's understanding how thinking and idealism is all drawn from
      the powerful world of thought and the Michael School, creates
      individual who draw from the same spiritual world, now sits on a
      knife edge of a vote.

      The Atlantean aspect was immitation, yawning, was one of Steiner's
      examples, as infectious yawning and working, as in The Peoples
      Projects, limbs moving in ATlantean unity, or emotions pulling
      together for some abstract communist patriotism, is no different
      than abstract Nazi nationalism or abstract U.S. flag waving. The
      difference in the west is that nuanced astral bodies were free to
      make lots of choice, ridiculous choices between Paper and Plastic
      and I think George Carlin gives a clear understanding of the kind of
      astral, controlled choices we in the west are being dealt. Watered
      down, beaten down Liberalism by Righ Wing talk show hosts, all
      little tin Hitlers. What do you think the American term Ditto Head
      means? It means the Peoples Republic of China and a retarded
      spiritual Archangel fight against growing out of the ancient
      Egyptian two dimensional beingness.

      But massive team spirit, unity of etheric movement, bypassing
      discerning and individualized I AM's were part of Mao's Little Red
      Book. The Chinese Bible for behavior experimentation and
      modification in mass Archangelic group numbing. But the idea
      remains, why did this mass of human forms and etheric bodies
      gravitate to behave in such an imposed, mirrored, Atlantean unity.
      Well it is easier to go along with an overwhelming crowd than defy
      it for the sake of defending the astral unique gifts we carry.
      Integrating these unique capacities in the whole has been partly the
      cause of Civil Rights and Geneva Convention advancements.

      But taking into consideration Retarded ARchai and Archangel
      activity, such as that Retarded aspect of an ancient Egyptian
      ARchangel in the U.S., acting today, and retarded beings focused out
      of Mao or Hitler, we understand that along with the developing I AM,
      humanity is embedded in Beings and we ain't even close to mature or
      wise enough to take up the symptomology studies of the various
      beings or even the deconstruction of the psychological body and
      shell that is the vehicle of the I AM. ONly Spiritual Science and a
      few rare psychological models, that still separate the psyche of man
      from nature or the cosmos as serving a model that serves a mirage of
      what science thinks the human being is, these rare models still
      betray man and exchange a mirage and a lie for how the human spirit
      exists in this world.
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