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7056Re: Pathology of steel marbles

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  • holderlin66
    Oct 4, 2004
      holderlin wrote:

      "Bogart did so well as Caine in the "Caine Mutiny" using the nervous
      twitch of Caine, rolling steel marbles, or steelies in his hand, to
      compensate for his war shattered pathology. But Caine had a war
      shattered pathology. Bush has nothing but a limp, protected,
      sheltered, hand picked, Lodge Podge stooge psychology and the
      ultimate insult is that he was designed for the U.S. and us. Bush
      was groomed as governor Cyanide, as addictive drunk, as failed
      twelve step flunkie, as I luv dashboard Jesus cause he saved me...
      and that is the nature of the hairbrained half of the country that
      do not have the limberness of mind left in them to retain a scrap of
      self knowledge.

      What is left is stubborn, rigid, goose stepping, stiff armed denials
      and a Charleton Heston angry delerious cry, "from my cold dead
      hands" will they give up the GOP or the Power of Avarice no matter
      what truth stares them in the face. And for Anthro students, you
      would do well to study that face of GWB during the debates. You
      would have done well to study Zell Miller giving his speech at the
      RNC. You would do well to digest in your soul life what pathology
      looks like and if you need some help go back to Bogart in "The Caine
      Mutiny". "


      "Bush's conduct was reminiscent of that of Captain Queeg, the
      mentally ill captain portrayed by Humphrey Bogart in "The Caine
      Mutiny" who could conceal his disorder unless rattled enough.

      In the film, Queeg orders his officers to steer the ship on a course
      that will cause the ship to flounder in a typhoon, in the South
      Pacific during World War II. He abruptly freezes in fear and his
      executive officer seizes control of the ship and saves everyone's

      The exec and a second officer involved in the mutiny go on trial and
      their attorney, portrayed by Jose Ferrer, challenges Queeg on his
      accusations of officer disloyalty until Queeg erupts into a paranoid
      rant witnessed by the courtmartial judges.

      Bush on Thursday stopped short of a paranoid rant, but he sure
      bordered on it. He kept repeating himself, got annoyed whenever an
      indefensible question was directed to him and continued to complain
      about his administration's policies being "hard work."
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