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6991Re: [anthroposophy_tomorrow] Re: Consciousness

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  • Tarjei Straume
    Oct 1, 2004
      At 02:19 02.10.2004, Steve wrote:

      >And that is why the angels work in the astral body right now; in order to
      >form the pictures that will be the reality of our lives in the sixth
      >epoch. This reality will be morally grounded in opposition to the present
      >ability of intellect and immorality to coexist. Impure thoughts in the
      >future epoch will create a certain paralysis in the realm of thought and
      >action. The movie, "Entertaining Angels", based on the life of Dorothy
      >Day did an excellent job of demonstrating that these pictures of the
      >future moral life and its reality are already conscious in some souls.

      Wow, me the movie buff missed a picture about my heroine Dorothy Day? What
      year was it made?

      Dorothy Day is very interesting. She was an anarchist and a Catholic at the
      same time. She founded the Catholic Worker organization; they're they ones
      who had this free restaurant for the poor downtown L.A. called "The
      Hippie." Those Catholic Worker people were very nice, and I had many
      enjoyable conversations with them, because I was reading up on Catholic
      theology at the time, for personal interest reasons.

      Dorothy Day was a pioneer and a wonderful idealist with a warm heart,
      showing that the seed of liberty, equality, and fraternity can blossom into
      flower also from within the framework of Catholicism, but to link this to
      our recent discussions about Catholicism, I must add that in order to
      become a full-fledged Rose of Liberty, it will have to get out of the
      churchyard at some point.

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