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637From our WC Notebook

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  • Tarjei Straume
    Dec 16, 2003
      WC Quotes of the Day:

      About Steiner, blondes, and the Nazis:
      "Steiner stood up on a stage in 1922 and proclaimed that intelligence was
      linked with blond hair and blue eyes. Ipso facto he helped build the
      foundation for the Holocaust." - Dan Dugan

      About Tarjei, Peter Staudenmaier, and libel:
      "Targei Straume's page containing libelous statements about Peter, he's
      lucky Peter's not litigous". - Dan Dugan

      (DD has corrected himself by spelling my name right and attributing the
      webpage in question to Sune. But that's not the point. The fun part is
      about Peter S. and libel.)