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6356Re: [anthroposophy_tomorrow] Scaligero

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  • Gisele
    Sep 1, 2004
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      ~~~~Ciao Goffredo, I am aware of l'archetipo.com (perhaps Andrea gave me the link?) and I have the "Treatise on Living Thought" by Scaligero, although I have never gone beyond the 7th page.... it's very deep hard going, and I keep it there, in the drawer of 'one day, when the time comes'. Buonanotte

      Goffredo <goffredo@...> wrote:
      To the group and to Gisele

      Perhaps you already heard something about Massimo Scaligero who was one of the foremost  Italian anthroposophists (he died about 20 years ago in Rome). He wrote many interesting books on Rosicrucianism, Isis-Sophia, Zen, The Sun-Logos etc.  You could find some information on him in the following link:


      You Gisele, although living in the UK probably understand Italian and will certainly enjoy reading it.

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