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  • Jan
    Aug 31, 2004
      Re: [anthroposophy_tomorrow] Scaligero On 1/9/04 6:43 am, "Goffredo" <goffredo@...> wrote:

      To our group, Valentina Brunetti, Andrea
         It's a real pity that Scaligero's writings haven't been translated into English. The same difficulty was encountered by Gennadi Bondarev's "The crisis of Civilization". It seems that he had to leave the Goetheanum' executive because he was accused of being an anti Semite. He wasn't so; but he had written a lot about Free Masonry and Secret Societies. "The crisis of Civilization"  was written in Russian and translated into German and published. There is an English version available in Xerox form from a book store in England.

      Jan – The English bookshop is ‘The Wellspring’

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