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  • holderlin66
    Aug 28, 2004
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      Selby Anderson wrote;

      History of the Shaver Mystery


      Caverns, Dungeons and Labyrinths

      Subterranean Tunnels, Underground Alien Bases

      Edward Bulwer-Lytton, The Coming Race

      Bradford responds;

      I found it interesting and here is some more of the interesting that
      is indeed interesting, as I am a novelist. I thought the links you
      made were very entertaining.


      "Yes! Our Sea Cave Crew were found out to be Lion Initiates as
      portrayed in the following description:
      "Humanity is asleep, concerned only with what is useless, living in
      a wrong world ... Do not prattle before the People of the Path,
      rather consume yourself. You have an inverted knowledge and religion
      if you are upside down in relation to Reality. Man is wrapping his
      net around himself. A lion (the man or woman of the Way) bursts
      his|her cage asunder." - The Sufi Master Sanai, teacher of Rumi,
      in "The Walled Garden of Truth" (1131 C.E.).

      STARDOVES will be guiding seasonal or 4 spiritual pilgrimages to
      sacred sites annually. The Ascended Masters have asked that we call
      this service the Global Meetings of Lightworkers for the Planet.
      Which is a Special Divinely Orchestrated Program designed to project
      energies from the Higher Stars to the Earth in order to anchor into
      the Earth these higher energy fields which will assist in ushering
      in the Age of Aquarius from other more highly evolved worlds. The
      Program also facilitates healing from other Star Seeds and Light
      Workers who have been sent to the Earth for similar work. The
      Program Mission provides a safe and healing PILGRIMAGE environment,
      empowering each Star Seed and Light Worker and encouraging them to
      unlock their gifts and bless Gaia's during this pregnant opening of
      the Sirian Lion's Star Gate.

      "We were joyous to learn that one of our participants was the multi-
      millionaire heir to the Proctor-Gamble Fortune, James Gamble Harper.
      Yet we were guided to treat all participants on the pilgrimage as an
      equal in the sight of the Lord. There was a time when St. Germain
      came through in a channeling and said we will not pretend we do not
      know who you are or what you represent. We are very happy you are
      on the pilgrimage with us. For, in addition to its other good works,
      the Gamble Fortune administers the Worldwide Small Change
      Foundation, a philanthropic organization that supports groups such
      as the ChildLight Foundation that feeds hungry Afghan children. They
      also collaborate with numerous food and water programs to feed the
      hungry. The Foundation also has interests in helping the world in
      environmental ways. So we see NESARA coming true here and now, with
      children of the rich and famous giving to the world's needy ones.

      We discussed the formation of Communities of Love and Light in the
      Shasta area and the 7 millions it will take to inaugurate that
      work. We also talked about the formation of the Telosian Emergence
      Welcome Committee and the finances needed in doing that work; that
      we are a 501 c3 chapter of the GLOBAL PEACE FOUNDATION."
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