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6273Re: [anthroposophy_tomorrow] Here there be patriots

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  • Gisele
    Aug 27, 2004
      ~~~~You WAS? I still persistently am!
      (I love you Taz)

      Tarjei Straume <cyberuncle@...> wrote:

      Hey Gisele, I've got a PatriotLad for you - it's another unpublished poem I
      wrote in 1989, after my forced repatriation, when I was extremely wrathful
      at all governments and passports and national anthems and flags and all
      that bullshit:


      The Epic of Earl Terraine, the Patriopolite

      Far south and north and east and west
      there sprawls the land that I love best.
      Its rainbow flag waves high in bliss.
      We call her Patriopolis.

      As citizens of this dear land
      we all make sure our posts are manned.
      It takes guns and bombs to defend the rights
      of bourgeois Patriopolites.

      Our laws are strict but clear and firm:
      You'd better serve, or else you'll squirm!
      Do what you're told so you'll be free
      to celebrate your liberty!

      The penalties are quite severe
      for those who won't go Service near.
      It's treason to refuse to see
      that slavery is liberty!

      Young in years was Earl Terraine
      when he was called to arms in pain
      declaring this old sentiment:
      "I will not serve the Government!"

      Earl Terraine had second sight.
      He saw the State in all its might.
      The Spirit of the ruling hand
      said Earl had scoffed a divine command!

      For weeks and months sat Earl Terraine
      in a dark cold cell wrapped in a chain.
      They'd have some fun with this young fool.
      the firing squad's too merciful!

      The art of torture was applied,
      but he kept his tongue and never cried.
      He knew that if he'd served his brothers,
      they'd make him do all this to others.

      Torn and weak they dragged Earl out
      to shoot for treason, shame and doubt.
      They asked, "What have you got to say?"
      He answered, "Go ahead! Make my day!"

      The folks of Patriopolis
      haven't quite forgotten this.
      Their national pride has an ugly stain
      in the legacy of Earl Terraine.

      - Tarjei Straume, Oslo 1989




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