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6201Re: [anthroposophy_tomorrow] Here there be dragons

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  • Selby Anderson
    Aug 24, 2004
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      Dear PatriotLad:

      You quote Nostradamus, Centrury II Quatrain 28:

      The penultimate of the surname of the Prophet
      Will take Diana for his day and peace of mind.
      He will wander far because of a frenetic head,
      In delivering a great people from subjection

      This is also translated thus:

      The last of one of the name of the prophet
      will take Monday as his day and rest:
      Traveling far in his frenzy
      delivering a great people from subjection.

      I think I cracked this quatrain 22 years ago when I read William Schirer's Gandhi: A Memoir. Many Nostradamus scholars cozy right up to the truth and fail to add 2 + 2. "Penultimate" or "last but one" of the Prophet's surname = Moha (i.e., Mohamet less the final syllable). Diane is given as French for Monday (moon-day). So far, so book.

      Apparently none of the scholars realized that Gandhi (MOHAndas K. Gandhi, known as MAHAtma ... get it?) took Monday as a day of fasting and silence, even when he was at the Roundtable Converence in London in 1936. Another far wandering of his is the famous march to the sea (more peaceful than Sherman's!)  to make salt. As  for "frenzy" or "troubled head" I noticed that in Schirer's account Gandhi did not exhibit his famous philosophical temperment at all times, especially in private with family members or close associates. He was at least as irascible as Beethoven or Edison. The final line of the quatrain needs no explanation. Nothing that Princess Diana accomplished compares with the liberation of India from British rule.

      The attempt to link this quatrain to Diana Spencer's murder is a brave try, but it fails to tie up all the lines meaningfully. A theory is judged by inclusiveness as well as simplicity.


      Selby Anderson


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