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6080Re: NYTimes and stuff

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  • holderlin66
    Aug 11, 2004
      holderlin wrote;

      Quotes to cook bacon by:

      "The Americans over there have all these terms for people who aren't
      Americans," the Reuters photographer said. "The Iraqi people are
      called LPs, or 'Local Personnel.' They get killed all the time, but
      it's like, 'Some LPs got killed,' so it isn't like real people died.
      Iraqi kids run along the convoys, hoping a soldier will throw them
      some food or water, and sometimes they get crushed by the trucks.
      Nothing stops, those are the orders, so some LPs get killed and the
      convoy keeps rolling. The labels make it easier for them to die. The
      people are depersonalized. No one cares."

      "Everyone is an 'insurgent' over there," the photographer told
      me. "That's another label with no meaning. Everyone is against the
      Americans. There is a $250,000 bounty on the head of every Westerner
      over there, mine too, while I was there. The Americans working the
      oil industry over there are the dumbest, most racist jackasses I've
      ever seen in my life. That's the American face on this thing, and
      the Iraqi people see it."
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