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  • holderlin66
    Jul 31, 2004
      Frank Thomas Smith wrote:

      the huge US debt and the at least equally serious balance of payments
      deficit certainly make the dollar shaky, I still fail to see what
      that has
      to do with the war."

      As a fellow Michael companion and brother and of course when
      compliments assail you, you shy bun wipe..I still have to keep a
      bloody eye on you. You sometimes adt with such unanarchistic
      limpness that I stumble on your A-typical conservative narrowness of
      vision. Yet, as companions go, I wouldn't trade you for the world.
      Such a rich history under that toupee. But really Frank! Try to keep
      a proper eye on real world events would ya?

      "Consider just one not so far-fetched scenario. The Bush
      administration has funded its enormous military budgets and tax cuts
      for the rich by borrowing huge sums from China. Suppose the Chinese
      bankers, who are a pretty conservative bunch themselves, see trouble
      on the financial horizon and want to call in some of their loans.
      That could topple the whole economy here.

      We can't just assume that the Chinese have enough sense to see it
      would ruin them too. The U.S. has to have a dependable big stick to
      intimidate the Chinese. But if we can't even run Iraq successfully,
      how can we think about threatening a serious opponent like China?
      The Chinese would just laugh at us.

      The foreign policy establishment knows that the whole world is
      watching. Every word that comes out of Boston this week is heard in
      capitals around the globe. Every word is taken as a signal of what a
      Kerry administration would do."

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