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6015Re: [anthroposophy_tomorrow] Harkonnen-Cheney-Haliburton

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  • Frank Thomas Smith
    Jul 31, 2004
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      > Frank, OH Frank dearry??

      There you go taking my name in vain again, Bad-ford, and a diminutive of it
      no less. Shame on you!
      > Way back, a while, a while ago, on another list, on another galaxy
      > in a kingdom far far away, ruled by one of the Spice Girls,
      > JoANNNNA, as I recall with an ultraviolet third eye...I brought news
      > of the Euro and Saddam..And some, some snickered and snarfed in
      > their geebooozles.

      I also am able, on occasion, to remember past incarnations (though sometines
      not this one). As I recall the Spice Girl incarnation, you said that the
      dollar-euro relationship was the reason for going to war in Iraq, that is,
      it was because Sad-ham
      was demanding payment for his oil in euros. I snarfed my geebooozles off
      (thanks for adding 2 new words to my vocabulary). And I still do. Although
      the huge US debt and the at least equally serious balance of payments
      deficit certainly make the dollar shaky, I still fail to see what that has
      to do with the war. Was it supposed to be a warning to other oil producers
      not to follow Sad-ham's lead? Or what? Another item which also has nothing
      to do with the war: A weaker dollar against the euro actually helps to
      reduce the trade deficit by making US exports cheaper. But there are limits
      of course and reducing taxes doesn't help.
      Yur dear Frank
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