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6004Re: Harkonnen-Cheney-Haliburton

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  • holderlin66
    Jul 29, 2004
      "the policy of "pre-emptive" war -- i.e., whenever the U.S. thinks a
      country may be amassing too much power and/or could provide some
      sort of competition in the "benevolent hegemony" region, it can be
      attacked, without provocation. (A later corollary would rethink the
      country's atomic policy: nuclear weapons would no longer be
      considered defensive, but could be used offensively in support of
      political/economic ends; so-called "mini-nukes" could be employed
      in these regional wars.) 2) international treaties and opinion will
      be ignored whenever they are not seen to serve U.S. imperial goals.
      3) The new policies "will require bases and stations within and
      beyond Western Europe and Northeast Asia."

      "In short, the Bush Administration seems to see the U.S.,
      admiringly, as a New Rome, an empire with its foreign legions (and
      threat of "shock&awe" attacks, including with nuclear weapons)
      keeping the outlying colonies, and potential competitors, in line.
      Those who aren't fully in accord with these goals better get out of
      the way; "you're either with us or against us."


      "Another power had to be brought against him. This was the onslaught
      of the Germanic tribes caused by the migration of peoples in Europe.
      Through this onslaught on Rome, the mechanizing of the world under a
      single, all-embracing Roman Empire was hindered.

      Thus did Ahriman meet with his disappointment, as Lucifer had met
      with his. But they will take up their tasks again in the fifth post-
      Atlantean age with all the more determination. Here is the point at
      which we must gain an understanding of the forces that are operative
      in our age, insofar as such an understanding is possible today.

      Their efforts are already at work in the human forces that have been
      active from the fifteenth century. It does not matter whether
      something occurs a few decades earlier or later. In outer physical
      reality, which takes on the form of the "great illusion," things are
      sometimes misplaced.

      If Rome had developed in such a way that a great all-embracing
      mechanized empire had arisen, it would only have been habitable for
      egoless human beings who would have remained on earth after Lucifer
      had drawn out their souls on the path of Greek culture and art.

      You see how Ahriman and Lucifer work together. Lucifer wants to take
      men's souls away and found a planet with them of his own. Ahriman
      has to help him. While Lucifer sucks the juice out of the lemon, as
      it were, Ahriman presses it out, thereby hardening what remains.
      This is what he tried to do to the civilization of Rome. Here we
      have an important cosmic process going on — all due to the intention
      and resolve of luciferic and ahrimanic powers."
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