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  • holderlin66
    Jul 28, 2004
      holderlin wrote:

      "Now this AXIS of convenient EVIL and the pending doom of the
      Imperial Ahrimanic Power Play, outlined in Project for a New
      American Century, is a real rip roaring yarn. A tale told by the
      brightest of the bright think tanks who are nearly, tapped out, out
      of gas, withered and dried up, and have never encountered the
      Michael impulse in their withered Consciousness Soul. The Dollar,
      dwindling and fading under a mountain of debt is being sold to the
      highest bidder.

      The NEOCONS gambled the empire of human dignity for thirty pieces of
      silver because Americans couldn't understand the complexities of
      global politics and wouldn't agree with the bully tactics to muscle
      our way into the pre-emptive pit bull position, along with Israel
      the doberman pinscher and Britain the poodle."


      "In it, the U.S. government was urged, as the world's sole
      remaining Superpower, to move aggressively and militarily around the
      globe. The report called for pre-emptive attacks and ad hoc
      coalitions, but said that the U.S. should be ready to act alone
      when "collective action cannot be orchestrated." The central
      strategy was to "establish and protect a new order" that
      accounts "sufficiently for the interests of the advanced industrial
      nations to discourage them from challenging our leadership," while
      at the same time maintaining a military dominance capable
      of "deterring potential competitors from even aspiring to a larger
      regional or global role." Wolfowitz outlined plans for military
      intervention in Iraq as an action necessary to assure "access to
      vital raw material, primarily Persian Gulf oil" and to prevent the
      proliferation of weapons of mass destruction and threats from

      The basic thrust of the document seems to be this: We love being the
      sole remaining superpower in the world and we want so much to remain
      that way that we are willing to put at risk the basic health of our
      economy and well-being of our people to do so." Clearly, the
      objective political forces hadn't yet coalesced in the U.S. that
      could support this policy free of major resistance, and so President
      Bush the Elder publicly repudiated the paper and sent it back to the
      drawing boards. (For the essence of the draft text, see Barton
      Gellman's "Keeping the U.S. First; Pentagon Would Preclude a Rival
      Superpower" in the Washington Post.

      The PNAC report was quite frank about why the U.S. would want to
      move toward imperialist militarism, a Pax Americana, because with
      the Soviet Union out of the picture, now is the time most "conducive
      to American interests and ideals... The challenge of this coming
      century is to preserve and enhance this 'American peace'." And how
      to preserve and enhance the Pax Americana? The answer is to "fight
      and decisively win multiple, simultaneous major-theater wars."

      In serving as world "constable," the PNAC report went on, no other
      countervailing forces will be permitted to get in the way. Such
      actions "demand American political leadership rather than that of
      the United Nations," for example. No country will be permitted to
      get close to parity with the U.S. when it comes to weaponry or
      influence; therefore, more U.S. military bases will be established
      in the various regions of the globe. (A post-Saddam Iraq may well
      serve as one of those advance military bases.) Currently, it is
      estimated that the U.S. now has nearly 150 military bases and
      deployments in different countries around the world, with the most
      recent major increase being in the Caspian Sea/Afghanistan/Middle
      East areas.

      6. Mere hours after the 9/11 terrorist mass-murders, PNACer
      Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld ordered his aides to begin planning
      for an attack on Iraq, even though his intelligence officials told
      him it was an al-Qaida operation and there was no connection between
      Iraq and the attacks. "Go massive," the aides' notes quote him as
      saying. "Sweep it all up. Things related and not." Rumsfeld leaned
      heavily on the FBI and CIA to find any shred of evidence linking the
      Iraq government to 9/11, but they weren't able to. So he set up his
      own fact-finding group in the Pentagon that would provide him with
      whatever shaky connections it could find or surmise.

      the policy of "pre-emptive" war -- i.e., whenever the U.S. thinks a
      country may be amassing too much power and/or could provide some
      sort of competition in the "benevolent hegemony" region, it can be
      attacked, without provocation. (A later corollary would rethink the
      country's atomic policy: nuclear weapons would no longer be
      considered defensive, but could be used offensively in support of
      political/economic ends; so-called "mini-nukes" could be employed in
      these regional wars.) 2) international treaties and opinion will be
      ignored whenever they are not seen to serve U.S. imperial goals. 3)
      The new policies "will require bases and stations within and beyond
      Western Europe and Northeast Asia."

      In short, the Bush Administration seems to see the U.S., admiringly,
      as a New Rome, an empire with its foreign legions (and threat
      of "shock&awe" attacks, including with nuclear weapons) keeping the
      outlying colonies, and potential competitors, in line. Those who
      aren't fully in accord with these goals better get out of the
      way; "you're either with us or against us."
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