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  • zapdingo
    Jul 1, 2004
      I've been going through some old mail and came across this one. I wonder if I never got the message where Mr. Epwijnantsresearch addresses the  information presented by Gisele in this outstanding e-mail, since I don't remember seeing his answer at all. He seemed so intent in the pursuit of his arguments that he certainly would have commented on it. Wouldn't he?
      from the Jews they killed, they where not 'given' that by 'western
      based financial institutions'. At least not if you ad up all the
      figures and not just pick and choose as you do below in a distorted
      ~~~~Hello Eric! Are you a historian? How did you become a professional historical researcher? As far as I am concerned, I read History at the Soas, University of London, where I got 83% in my final dissertation (about "The Secret History" of Genghis Khan).
      Since I have been asked this in the case of Moltke starting WWI (and
      listed about eight recent books), may I ask what reputeable books of
      a recent date have you read on the subject that you are referring
      to ?

      ~~~~I will give you the references below, but first I need to ask you: how do you judge if a book is reputable or not? Do you ask the Goetheanum? And why should the books be of recent date? As a serious thorough researcher, you must be aware that there are primary sources and  secondary ones, of course primary sources are more REPUTABLE, and since we're talking about the first part of the XXth century, recent date books can only be secondary sources, and to be REPUTABLE they must again go back to the originary sources.....
      > Yes. In 1930 / 31 Fritz Thyssen arranged credit of about 250-
      300,000 gold marks for R. Hess with the Dutch bank BHS. The overall
      total of Thyssen's political donations and loans to the Nazis was
      well over a million dollars.
      ~~~~REF: Fritz Thyssen: "I Paid Hitler", 1941, reprinted in (Port Washington, N.Y. - Kennikat Press, 1972), p.133. Thyssen says his contributions BEGAN with 100,000 marks given in October 1923, for Hitler's attempted 'putsch' against the constitutional government.                                                  His role as leading early backer of Hitler's grab for power in Germany had been noted by US diplomats in Berlin in 1932: ~~~~REF:Confidential Memorandum from U.S. embassy, Berlin, to the U.S. Secretary of State, April 20, 1932, on microfilm in "Confidential Reports of U.S. State Dept., 1930s Germany", at major U.S. libraries.                                          
      ~~~~Thyssen told Allied interrogators after the war about some of his financial support for the Nazi Party: "In 1930 or 1931.... I told Hess... I would arrange a credit for him with a Dutch bank in Rotterdam the BHS (Harriman - Bush affiliate, MY NOTE). I arranged the credit... he would pay it back in three years... I chose a Dutch bank because I did not want to be mixed up with German banks in my position, and because I thought it was better to do business with a Dutch bank, and I thought I would have the Nazis a little more in my hands... The credit was about 250-300,000 (gold) marks - about the sum I had given before. The loan has been repaid in part to the Dutch bank, but I think some money is still owing on it..."     REF: Interrogation of Fritz Thyssen, EF/ME/1 of Sept 4, 1945 in U.S. Control Council records, photostat on page 167 in Anthony Sutton:"An Introduction to the Order" (Billings,, Mt.: Liberty House Press, 1986).
       Major co-owner with Thyssen of the
      German Steel Trust (Germany largest industrial corporation at the
      time) was Friederich Flick, one of the leading financiers and
      industrialists who in the 1930s contributed large sums to the Nazi
      Party - a member of the 'Circle of Friends' of Himler who founded  ~~~~MY MISTAKE, should read 'funded'~~~~
      the SS.
      ~~~~In preparation for the war crimes tribunal at Nuremberg, the U.S. government said that Flick was "one of leading financiers and industrialists who from 1932 contributed large sums to the Nazi Party.... member of 'Circle of Friends' of Himmler who contributed large sums to the SS"   REF: "Nazi Conspiracy and Aggression - Supplement B", by the Office of the United States Chief of Counsel for Prosecution of Axis Criminality, United States Government Printing Office (Washington: 1948) pp. 1597, 1686.
      ~~~~ At the Nuremberg Trials Flick was condemned to 7 years in
      prison for his help in the build-up of the Nazi war machine with
      coal, steel and arms production - he served 3 - thanks to his
      friends in New York and London, and died in the 1970s a billionaire.
      And who were his 'friends' and colleagues in the build-up to WWII?
      > Back in 1920 Bert Walker (Bush's maternal grandad) and Samuel
      Pryor (Remington Arms / WWI major arms supplier to all sides / one
      of the 'Merchants of Death' profiteers from WWI)
      ~~~~Percy Rockefeller and Samuel Pryor's Remington Arms supplied machine guns and Colt automatic pistols; millions of rifles to Czarist Russia; over half of the small-arms ammunition used by the Anglo-American allies in WWI; and 69% of the rifles used by the U.S. in that conflict. REF: Alden Hatch: "Remington Arms: An American History" 1956, copyright by the Remington Arms Co., pp.224-25.
      ~~~~Hearings in 1934 by the committee of U.S. Senator Gerald Nye attacked the "Merchants of Death" - war profiteers such as Remington Arms and the British Vickers company - whose salesmen had manipulated many nations into wars, and then supplied all sides with the weapons to fight them.
      ~~~~The U.S. Senate arms-traffic investigators probed Remington after it was joined in a cartel agreement on explosives to the Nazi firm I.G. Farben. Looking at the period leading up to Hitler's seizure of power, the Senators found that "German political associations, like the Nazi and others, are nearly all armed with American guns...Arms of all kinds coming from America are transhipped in the Scheldt to river barges before the vessels arrive in Antwerp.... The Hitlerists and Communists are presumed to get arms in this manner....REF: U.S. Senate "Nye Committee" hearings, Sept 14, 1934, pp. 1197-98, extracts from letters of Col. William N. Taylor, dated June 27, 1932 and Jan 9, 1933
       arranged a merger
      between W.A. Harriman & Co. with J.P. Morgan's (London) private
      bank. This enabled Averell Harriman to become co-owner of the
      Hamburg-Amerika Line (Shipping)
      ~~~~REF: St. Louis Globe-Democrat, Oct 12 1920, p.1: "Ex-St.Louisian Forms Giant Ship Merger" - "G. H. Walker is Moving Power Behind Harriman-Morton Shipping Combine..."
       which became a major instrument for
      the manipulation and subversion of Germany.
      ~~~~According to testimony of officials of the companies before Congress in 1934, a supervisor from the Nazi Labor Front rode with every ship of the Hamburg-Amerika Line; employees of the New York offices were directly organized into the Nazi Labor Front organization; Hamburg-Amerika provided free passage to individuals going abroad for Nazi propaganda purposes; and the line subsidized pro-Nazi newspapers in the U.S.A., as it had done in Germany against the constitutional German government. REF: "Investigation of Nazi Propaganda Activities and Investigation of Certain Other Propaganda Activities": Public Hearings before A Subcommittee of the Special Committee on Un-American Activities, United States House of Representatives, Seventy Third Congress, New York City, July 9-12, 1934 --Hearings No. 73-NY-7 (Washington: US Govt. Printing Office, 1934). See testimony of Capt. Frederick C. Mensing, John Schroeder, Paul von Lilienfeld-Toal, and summaries by Committee members.
      ~~~~Two months before moving against Prescott Bush's Union Banking Corporation, the U.S. government ordered the seizure of all property of the Hamburg American Line and North German Lloyd, under the Trading with the Enemy Act - REF: Office of Alien Property Custodian, Vesting Order No. 126. Signed by Leo T. Crowley, Alien Property Custodian, executed August 28, 1942 F.R. Doc. 42-8774; Filed September 4, 1942, 10:55 A.M.; 7 F.R. 7061 (No 176, Sept 5, 1942, Memorandum to the Executive Committee of the Office of Alien Property Custodian, stamped CONFIDENTIAL, from the Division of Investigation and Research, Homer Jones, Chief. Now declassified in U.S. National Archives, Suitland, Maryland annex. See Record Group 131, Alien Property Custodian, investigative reports, in file box relating to Vesting Order No. 126.
       Negotiators in the
      Harriman take-over were: W. Cuno, Post WWI chief executive of the
      Hamburg-Amerika Line, financial contributor to the Nazi Party;
      ~~~~Cuno was later exposed by Walter Funk, Third Reich Press Chief and Under Secretary of Propaganda, in Funk's postwar jail cell at Nuremberg; but Cuno had died just as Hitler was taking power. REF: William L. Shirer, "The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich "(New York: Simon and Schuster, 1960), p.144. "Nazi Conspiracy and Aggression-Supplement B, op. cit., p. 1688
      Warburg, Hamburg-Amerika Line banker, Nazi financial contributor; REF: David Farrer: "The Warburgs: The Story of a Family" (New York, Stein & Day, 1975)
      Voegler, chief executive of the Thyssen - Flick German Steel Trust,
      director of BHS Bank in Rotterdam, director of Hamburg-Amerika Line,
      helped organize the final Nazi leap into power; ~~~~REF:"Elimination of German Resources for War", Hearings Before a Subcommittee of the Committee of Military Affairs, United States Senate, Seventy-Ninth Congress, Part 5, Testimony of the Treasury Dept, July 2, 1945, pp.881-82
       Baron von Schroeder,
      co-director of Thyssen's foundries with J. Groeniger (Prescott
      Bush's NY banking partner), treasurer of the support organization
      for the
      > Nazi Party private armies.....
      > ~~~~REF: Nazi Conspiracy and Aggression-Supplement B, op. cit., pp.1178, 1453-54, 1597, 1599.
      > ~~~~Happy now?

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