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5581Re: R: [anthroposophy_tomorrow] Ich bin ein Crackpot

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  • Tarjei Straume
    Jun 10, 2004
      This is my second attempt to apply for membership in the German Crackpot
      Union. I'm configuring and rearranging my entire email system. After my
      website and domain mail server had been down for almost a week, James had
      to do some downloading and reconstruction with his firewall down, and fifty
      attacks were made overnight. Some of my ISP addresses have also been
      targeted with virus-ammo from those cyber-asuric ahrimanic electronic
      elementals that have been created in the labs of malignant
      internet-initiates under the auspices of Secret Lodges, PLANS, enemy
      crackpots and space cadets, double agents, historical revisionists, and
      compulsive tellers of Ronald Reagan's notorious war stories (also from the
      First World War when RR was a 4-8 year old hero). So I have to rebuild this
      sensitive and complex system of autoforwarding mail from my expendable
      e-addresses through the gate of a top secret address I never use, and in
      this case, I also had to change that secret address.

      I hope the space cadets will be raptured soon by Pentagon's UFO-Jesus when
      he comes riding through the clouds in his star ship packed with missiles
      powerful enough to send any sun into instant nova - Pentagon-Jesus with his
      huge belts heavy with guns and ammo strapped around his traditional robe,
      and with lethal injections in his pockets and a hanging rope in his right
      hand. He'll be the Divine Return they're praying for in the Capitol
      basement when they're having those secret right wing prayer meetings
      they're not supposed to be having because of the separation of church and
      state. Those prayer meetings remind me of Ronald, he was always there, and
      he dreamed about Apocalypse and Star Wars and Judgement Day and u name it.
      And I hope there's a Pentagon-NASA heaven for people like Ronald, and that
      he's sitting there onboard telling war stories to Science Officer Peter and
      saying, "Ich bin ein Crackpot."

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