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  • epwijnantsresearch
    Jun 8, 2004
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      Some clarification regarding my statement to you about the later
      Nazi money source(the earlier was predominantly White Russian);

      Shortly before Hitler was to invade Poland and start the war the
      Nazi Governement put in to law The Decree of Eliminating Jews from
      German Economic Life,November 12, 1938.

      Here Jews where practically told to `buy' their lives by freely
      giving up everything they owned to the German State coffers. Their
      money and property's, the cessation of all Jewish business activity,
      their enterprises as well as any land, stocks, jewels and artworks.

      (To drive the point home, the order also forbade Jews to drive or
      have cars, to ride in trains, to go to theaters or cinemas. They
      were banned from city districts containing government offices , were
      officially banned from all concert and conference halls, museums,
      fairs, exhibit halls, and sports facilities-especially public
      swimming pools. Including a special order from Heydrich's office
      prohibited them from owning any carrier pigeons.)

      By December 10, 1938, Goering moved to ensure that all these
      illicit profits from "dejudaization" flowed directly into Hitler's
      coffers. Between 10 and 12 billion Reichsmark ($2.5 and $3 billion
      USD, THAT time) flew in the war machine account of Herrn Adolf.

      Shure he had money to pay out to a major armee. He didn't need
      American donations, although money might have been funneled various

      But the Nazi Governement Hitlers inner group, knew that would not
      be enough to keep the war maschine going for an extreme long period
      of time (remember the Nazi's held out four years like this), so the
      next step wass that in each country they invaded they did exactly
      the same. Plus in Poland and the Ukraine as early as 1939-41 they
      already went over to the next step the total murder of all Jewish
      men, women, and children.

      All civillian Jewish men, wome, and children where systematicly
      herded together and gunned down using a special stacking method
      allowing for more people to be killed in as short as possible time.
      (For details see " The Gold Train" by Ronald Zweig )

      That wass long before the Wannsee meeting when the armee finally was
      exhausted from all the extra shooting all the time so Hitler forced
      a group of scientists and tecknocrats to come up with a gaschamber
      system, where not Germans but Jews themselves could be forced to do
      all the work. Walking around completely naked, they where forched
      to gather the death bodies of the group that was gassed before them
      and burn them, and next their own bodies would be picked up by the
      next group of naked civilians and so on. Non-stop for months yes
      years at a time. The basic system however remained the same from
      the one started just before the WWII, and remained so until the end.

      For example as soon they invaded the Netherlands and France
      Reichsleiter Rosenberg's (ERR) emediate targets first were the most
      prestigious Jewishowned art collections. Paintings and sculptures.
      One example in France the belonging of the Rothschild family,
      capered by Rosenberg, alone already were estimated at more than 2
      billion francs that time. Next Jewish families where shaken down to
      force them to turn over their stocks, gold, and all precious
      artworks were simply confiscated.

      In late April 2000, after the Swiss bankers where asked to come up
      with some account ballances, the French government suddenly chocked
      up a 3,300-page report proving a minimum of $1.3 billiion, had
      indeed been `Aryanized' the same as was done in 1938 Germany. And
      this is just the tip of the iceberg, other Governements haven't even
      started. For example only this year 2004 the Belgium Governement
      finally caved in and issued a `permission' for researchers
      to `start' researching the WWII Governement archives. So the same
      what happened in France in 2000 is due to happen in Belgium in
      probably not to many years.

      The last three paragraphs are extracted froma a book I have in
      front of me (but there are more); "Pack of Thiefes; How Hitler And
      Europe Plunderred the Jews and committed the Greatest Theft in
      History" by Richard Chesnoff.

      --- In anthroposophy_tomorrow@yahoogroups.com, "epwijnantsresearch"
      <epwijnantsresearch@y...> wrote:
      > Most of the money that kept the Nazi War machine going they took
      > from the Jews they killed, they where not 'given' that by 'western
      > based financial institutions'. At least not if you ad up all the
      > figures and not just pick and choose as you do below in a
      > manner.
      > Since I have been asked this in the case of Moltke starting WWI
      > listed about eight recent books), may I ask what reputeable books
      > a recent date have you read on the subject that you are referring
      > to ?
      > Eric
      > --- In anthroposophy_tomorrow@yahoogroups.com, Gisele
      > <Fioredortica@Y...> wrote:
      > >
      > >
      > > VALENTINA BRUNETTI <okcgbr@t...> wrote:
      > > Moreover, if we look at the stream of money that was given to
      > Party,
      > > especially between 1930 1nd 1933, from western-based financial
      > > insititustions (Schroeder,Warburg,Brown-Harriman and so on) we
      > see a
      > > "visible hand" that leads us directly to the connection "Western
      > > Lodges-Finance Corporation" . (See Geminello Alvi "IL secolo
      > Americano".
      > > Milan 1999)
      > >
      > >
      > >
      > >
      > > ~Gisele uncloacks:
      > >
      > > Yes. In 1930 / 31 Fritz Thyssen arranged credit of about 250-
      > 300,000 gold marks for R. Hess with the Dutch bank BHS. The
      > total of Thyssen's political donations and loans to the Nazis was
      > well over a million dollars. Major co-owner with Thyssen of the
      > German Steel Trust (Germany largest industrial corporation at the
      > time) was Friederich Flick, one of the leading financiers and
      > industrialists who in the 1930s contributed large sums to the Nazi
      > Party - a member of the 'Circle of Friends' of Himler who founded
      > the SS. At the Nuremberg Trials Flick was condemned to 7 years in
      > prison for his help in the build-up of the Nazi war machine with
      > coal, steel and arms production - he served 3 - thanks to his
      > friends in New York and London, and died in the 1970s a
      > And who were his 'friends' and colleagues in the build-up to WWII?
      > >
      > > Back in 1920 Bert Walker (Bush's maternal grandad) and Samuel
      > Pryor (Remington Arms / WWI major arms supplier to all sides / one
      > of the 'Merchants of Death' profiteers from WWI) arranged a merger
      > between W.A. Harriman & Co. with J.P. Morgan's (London) private
      > bank. This enabled Averell Harriman to become co-owner of the
      > Hamburg-Amerika Line (Shipping) which became a major instrument
      > the manipulation and subversion of Germany. Negotiators in the
      > Harriman take-over were: W. Cuno, Post WWI chief executive of the
      > Hamburg-Amerika Line, financial contributor to the Nazi Party; M.
      > Warburg, Hamburg-Amerika Line banker, Nazi financial contributor;
      > Voegler, chief executive of the Thyssen - Flick German Steel
      > director of BHS Bank in Rotterdam, director of Hamburg-Amerika
      > helped organize the final Nazi leap into power; Baron von
      > co-director of Thyssen's foundries with J. Groeniger (Prescott
      > Bush's NY banking partner), treasurer of the support organization
      > for the
      > > Nazi Party private armies.....
      > >
      > >
      > >
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