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5518Re: R: [anthroposophy_tomorrow] Moltke "initiated" WWI ?

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  • Gisele
    Jun 7, 2004
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      VALENTINA BRUNETTI <okcgbr@...> wrote:

      Moreover, if we look at the stream of money that was given to Nazi Party,
      especially between 1930 1nd 1933, from western-based financial
      insititustions (Schroeder,Warburg,Brown-Harriman and so on) we can see a
      "visible hand" that leads us directly to the connection "Western
      Lodges-Finance Corporation" . (See Geminello Alvi "IL secolo Americano".
      Milan 1999)

      ~Gisele uncloacks:

      Yes. In 1930 / 31 Fritz Thyssen arranged credit of about 250-300,000 gold marks for R. Hess with the Dutch bank BHS. The overall total of Thyssen's political donations and loans to the Nazis was well over a million dollars. Major co-owner with Thyssen of the German Steel Trust (Germany largest industrial corporation at the time) was Friederich Flick, one of the leading financiers and industrialists who in the 1930s contributed large sums to the Nazi Party - a member of the 'Circle of Friends' of Himler who founded the SS. At the Nuremberg Trials Flick was condemned to 7 years in prison for his help in the build-up of the Nazi war machine with coal, steel and arms production - he served 3 - thanks to his friends in New York and London, and died in the 1970s a billionaire. And who were his 'friends' and colleagues in the build-up to WWII?

      Back in 1920 Bert Walker (Bush's maternal grandad) and Samuel Pryor (Remington Arms / WWI major arms supplier to all sides / one of the 'Merchants of Death' profiteers from WWI) arranged a merger between W.A. Harriman & Co. with J.P. Morgan's (London) private bank. This enabled Averell Harriman to become co-owner of the Hamburg-Amerika Line (Shipping) which became a major instrument for the manipulation and subversion of Germany. Negotiators in the Harriman take-over were: W. Cuno, Post WWI chief executive of the Hamburg-Amerika Line, financial contributor to the Nazi Party; M. Warburg, Hamburg-Amerika Line banker, Nazi financial contributor; A. Voegler, chief executive of the Thyssen - Flick German Steel Trust, director of BHS Bank in Rotterdam, director of Hamburg-Amerika Line, helped organize the final Nazi leap into power; Baron von Schroeder, co-director of Thyssen's foundries with J. Groeniger (Prescott Bush's NY banking partner), treasurer of the support organization for the Nazi Party private armies.....



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