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5425R: [anthroposophy_tomorrow] Moltke "initiated" WWI ?

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    Jun 2 7:17 AM
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      > >Therefore Eric; Presenting your latest intellectual soul research is
      > >wonderful and I am proud of you. But don't come around here and start
      > >mouthing off on how you can push aside Ahrimanic forces as some petty
      > >rubbish connected to tarot cards and star gazing.
      > A valid point which points to the difference between religious beliefs and
      > trance mediums on the one hand, and initiation science on the other. In
      > initiation science, Spiritual Science, ahrimanic and luciferic forces are
      > to be regarded in a vein similar to that of positive and negative
      > electricity. There was a time when electricity was science fiction and
      > fantasy to ordinary people, and talk about negative and positive charges
      > could be construed as an attempt to spread false religion, heresy. So when
      > anthroposophists talk about ahrimanic and luciferic forces, it may
      > justifiably be called heresy, but what needs to be kept in mind is that in
      > our day and age, heresy is not only legal, but a civil right, a human
      > right. Those who refuse to respect and honor this right are not primarily
      > offending the heretics, who are accustomed to scorn; they are selling
      > themselves short by refusing to learn about new ideas and new directions
      > with significant importance for the future.
      > About the case at hand: I am not going to comment on a book I have not
      > read, which is written by a professor who is perhaps a specialist on 20th
      > century political and military history. I will only point out that history
      > professors don't always agree; their interpretations and conclusions
      > differ. And if what Eric has posted to this list is a true reflection of
      > David Fromkin's opinion, I would check a second and a third opinion before
      > venturing my own. You don't have to be a physician to ask for a second
      > opinion if the first expert does not convince you.
      > I cannot find the article about Moltke and Steiner I was looking for, so
      > I've sent the word out, hoping someone may enlighten us about the matter.
      > What I do seem to recall from reading about this, is that Moltke did have
      > the information about how the Great War started, about all those
      > misunderstandings and blunders that led to the catastrophe. And someone
      > the idea of publishing Moltke's information in order to clear Germany of
      > the charge of having started the war.
      > There are mayn psople in the West who have been saying that Germany
      > two world wars. That is a very strong accusation against one nation. They
      > did start the second world war by obeying and following Hitler, but I'm
      > inclined to believe that the catastrophe of the Nazi explosion and Hitler,
      > the curse of Germany, was a madness that resulted directly from the awful
      > injustice imposed upon Germany after the first war, based upon the false
      > accusation that Germany was responsible for that war.

      Andrea adds_
      Moreover, if we look at the stream of money that was given to Nazi Party,
      especially between 1930 1nd 1933, from western-based financial
      insititustions (Schroeder,Warburg,Brown-Harriman and so on) we can see a
      "visible hand" that leads us directly to the connection "Western
      Lodges-Finance Corporation" . (See Geminello Alvi "IL secolo Americano".
      Milan 1999)

      Fals accusations and
      > gross injustice can make people very irrational when pushed to the limit.
      > Just look at the Palestinians, whose suffering under the heel of a brutal
      > occupant for half a century has given birth to suicide missions in crowded
      > shopping malls. That's insanity that's becoming a cultural tradition. It
      > our responsibility, therefore, to recognize injustice and oppression
      > wherever it is taking place. And if the curse that hit Germany in the
      > 1930's from within was a direct result of oppression and injustice from
      > international community after the first war based upon false accusations,
      > it is our sacred duty to recognize the true relationship between cause an
      > effect in history. This is something that cannot be taken lightly, and
      > history cannot be revised through the publication of one book alone,
      > regardless of how accredited the author may be.
      > Cheers,
      > Tarjei
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