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5410R: [anthroposophy_tomorrow] Re: Lodges at work. The case of italy and WWI

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    Jun 1, 2004
      > Are you a Italian literature student?
      > What di did you read of D'Annunzio?
      > In spite of his strange game during WWI and Fascism I enjoyed a
      lot "Le
      > Vergini delle Rocce" and a good part of his poetry.......
      > Andrea


      Thanks Andrea, the truth is I don't know who D'Annunzio is. And
      prior to this, I had never heard of a Grand Orient.

      "Grand orient" is jsut the same as "Mother Lodge" (England) or "Grande
      Oriente" (Italia) Aka the "Head" of Masonic organization.

      But here I am
      with my local Gnostic church, and my nearby Theosophical Society, and
      they have their Masonic/initiatic connections, and my sentient
      intellect likes to know what I might be involved with, I


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