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5009Re: Seeking Sophia/Dottie

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  • dottie zold
    May 1 4:54 PM
      > So, am I totally off base in my grasp of how you or my wife, Susan
      > Riley were the torch bearers of Sophia on planet Earth? Because, as
      > you know, I am the demented poets torch bearer on Earth for
      > cast aways of the Michael School. So we really need to compare
      > here.

      Oh Bradford.......... you are totally off base with how I am thinking
      and feeling on this subject. And I guess the email way of
      communicating has a lot to do with it. But that is okay. I am not a
      torch bearer of Sophia rather I am a lover of Sophia. I am thinking
      through my questioning of 'share me a song of Sophia' I will find
      others who have experienced her and my soul will light up with even
      more hope as the fire spreads.

      Your post regarding my experience of Magdalene is way off as well as
      my experience of why her relationship was special to Christ. I mean
      it had to be, there is no way around it but that is another point and
      post. And, Bradford, you have no idea what the capacity is of the
      people you are interacting with on line. You may claim for yourself
      the things you project ontowards me, not meaning that in a negative
      manner, but that is your story and not mine. You don't think one can
      intuit/feel/experience the Godhead? What do you think happens when
      you are meditating on the Doctors verses? Or rather what do you
      imagine can happen? It is not an all or nothing point Brad, rather it
      is an ongoing stream that weaves throughout all of incarnations.

      I shall look to the points you bring up after my walk but I have to
      say it reminds me of the fundies and their claim to be low life
      sinners. Well, I say to them, 'go ahead' and I shall recognize my
      birthright as a child of God'. So, if you are judging what you think
      would show one is capable of doing or experiencing or knowing a thing
      you make a huge mistake.

      Till later,

      p.s. Why would it be so hard for you, oh great poet of Michael, to
      sing a song of Sophia? Are you denying my experience while not having
      any of your own? The patience of Job has naught to do with it rather
      I am asking you to get real. And your dancing around the subject
      versus singing your song speaks volumes. Words sometimes get in the
      way of allowing us to experience a thing. We are good talking about
      it but what about experiencing it?

      psst. and towards the Myriam remark, I shall give you a pass. Maybe.
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