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49960Re: Sister's Progress And Relapses (was: Hatred, Untruthfulness, and Alzheimer)

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  • elfuncle
    Apr 2, 2012
      I've get it, Myla. I wrote:

      "Our Beloved Sister may have a strong aversion to Paul because of something that happened to her in the Middle Ages, perhaps in a dark and scary church with sinister ministers, and this may be the reason for this sudden backsliding, but if she can overcome this, salvation and bliss is beckoning her."

      In the Middle Ages there were inquisitions in Europe, and anti-heresy campaigns. Some people were burned at the stake in worst case scenarios, but they were relatively few, and witch-burning didn't really become an epidemic until the 17th century, in the Modern Age. But it was unlawful for any Christian to be a heretic. (Non-Christians, especially Jews, were exempt.) The clergy roaming the countryside to investigate reports and rumors of heresy could immensely feared. I don't know why our Beloved Sister has such a very bad attitude about medieval Europe, but she may have been a heretic. The most horrible thing the church fathers did in the early Middle Ages was the murder of Hypatia in March 415, which Steiner described in terrible detail. the Hypatia individuality lived in the 19th century as Helena Blavatsky, and her strong antipathy against Christianity was probably due to how she had died in her former existence. The Hypatia/Blavatsky individuality was an occultist, however, a very gifted clairvoyant in both of these incarnations, so she has nothing to do with our Beloved Sister.

      Still, my mention of medieval sinister ministers was meant to to hint at heresy, inquisition, church authority, correct theological beliefs and so on, and perhaps being questioned by them in dark church basements, but I didn't think about rape at all. Your mind is even dirtier than Frank's!


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      > > The reference to being raped was going too far, man.
      > What reference to being raped? What am I missing here?
      > Tarjei

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