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4994Re: [anthroposophy_tomorrow] Re: Seeking Sophia/Soloviev

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  • dottie zold
    Apr 30, 2004
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      I hardly see the work done by those who claim
      > to be so
      > passionate about Sophia showing any signs that they
      > grasp the extent
      > of who and what Sophia does.

      But She wants to hear your song Bradford. It is never
      enough that we share her with others we must also
      share her with ourselves. All that you have written
      below is great but it is not a song. What does your
      heart know of Sophia? What do you feel about her? Why
      do you feel the way you do about her? What in you
      aches to experience her, to know her, to see her.

      We can look at her from the standpoint you offer and
      this leads us but we need to 'hear' of her through the
      hearts that have experienced her. It will lead us to
      our intuitions of her and it is there she will meet
      us. And we shall know her as she knows us. We shall be
      within the Godhead, the Womb when we meet. The rest
      will fall in place as we seek her with words.

      Love, d

      > What part does the Holy Ghost Play?
      > What part does the Initiation of Parsifal play?
      > What part does NUT play?
      > What part does Objective Soul structure from
      > AnthroSophic play?
      > How does Michael and the Michael School prepare the
      > Sophia in the
      > soul of humanity?
      > How does Repro-technology and reproduction and GM
      > play into
      > understanding Sophia?
      > What is the Whore of Babylon in relation to Sophia?
      > How will Sophia proctect and work with I AM's if
      > Ahrimanic cloning
      > is developed?
      > What poets represent lyric thinking and art?
      > What is the difference between Novalis and Lazarus
      > in relation to
      > Sophia?
      > How does the ninefold being of the human psyche
      > become the Child of
      > sophia?
      > What does this have to do with Star knowledge and
      > human incarnation?
      > I see very little effort at researching into those
      > who have been the
      > best spokes people on Sophia. Russians and the
      > future of the 6th
      > epoch is way out in time and who knows what Earth
      > changes or
      > catastrophes will proceed this. When I place
      > Cherynobl as a
      > destructive core for 900 years in Russia, what type
      > of damage in
      > waste and soil poisoning will Russia present, will
      > these be Dead
      > Zones? Or will Siberia awaken as a Tropic region?
      > When I imagine the
      > 6th epoch arising in Russia, it would seem there is
      > ample amount of
      > fascinating potential to have those who wish to
      > embrace Sophia to
      > find various profound threads to explore.
      > The Michael School asks of its members to show
      > active study and
      > interest in themes...The poetic muse doesn't come
      > because a student
      > of Sophiology swims in adoration without deepened
      > grasp and wants to
      > be sung to by all those poets who do do their
      > homework.
      > I would be highly interested in the person Raymon
      > indicated whose
      > name was BEoft something. I would be very interested
      > if you grasped
      > or showed me some of Beofts insights or whoever the
      > guy was, and
      > what his relation to Goethe was and why he doesn't
      > talk to Anthros
      > anymore. I would like to understand that. Why don't
      > you look up the
      > gentleman Raymon suggested and present some
      > observations I can work
      > with to see how he misunderstood Goetheanism?
      > Like you, I certainly don't feel compelled to do
      > homework that
      > others assign me unless I am interested and inspired
      > to do so. My
      > wife, Susan Riley was the chief researcher of
      > Sophiology and started
      > at least one of the sites concerning Sophia. With
      > Robert Powell, she
      > did many conferences and searched for souls over the
      > globe who
      > represented Sophiology.

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