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49909Treatment &Therapy for the Sugar Cherubs (was: Shocked WC Republican Moms)

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  • elfuncle
    Mar 29, 2012
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      --- In anthroposophy_tomorrow@yahoogroups.com, "ted.wrinch" <ted.wrinch@...> wrote:

      > They're on my case again: this time over definitions, which they hate, regarding them as only appropriate for 'contemporary understandings of concepts' (they don't like etymologies). They never liked my definitions of materialism, whether they were from Websters, Google, Galileo, Bradley, Steiner or anyone else, preferring to make up their own, such as it means anti-Semitism (Diana), or anti-intellectualism, abstractionism, mathematism or mechanism (Staudi), Staudi's still floundering around from years ago with the ghost of Ted past.

      You're discussing with them, Ted. That's what they want; they feed like beasts on that sort of thing -- definitions, semantics and so on. Whether or not a doctor should humor patients in a mental hospital by discussing philosophy, religion, science and politics with them would depend upon the diagnostics involved in each case, and in the basket cases of the Sugar Cherubs, we're looking at cerebral overloads through excesses of intellectual errors, which means that discussion is the worst thing you can give them; it's like bringing heroin into a rehab clinic for hard drug addicts.

      Just like recovering drug and alcohol addicts need plenty of biodynamic fruits and vegetables and quality bread made from proper corn and grain and so on, plus herbs and berries etc. and not more alcohol and drugs, the Sugar Cherubs need those things too, of course, but especially music, dance, painting and drawing, drama, poetry, musicals, fairy tales, myths, -- and lots and lots of eurythmy.

      What music is concerned, they should avoid heavy metal at all costs and go easy on the hard rock -- country rock, blues, and especially gospel rock is OK, but classical music is best for the Sugar Cherubs. (Even John Wayne had a great love of classical music; it was a carefully guarded secret because he felt it didn't fit his cowboy image for some reason.)

      The best thing for the Sugar Cherubs would be to play instruments themselves: Violins, pianos, trumpets, saxophones etc. and create something like the Sugar Cherubs Symphony Orchestra and go on tour with it. They should also have a choir and an opera and perform Parsifal by Richard Wagner at least once a year. Their drama department should be doing Goethe's Faust, and in between performances they should write and recite lots and lots of poetry. Dan Dugan should take a leading initiative here, because he is indeed a professional theater sound technician. Ballet and eurythmy, lots of eurythmy. Chasrleston, break dancing, all kinds of dancing. In drama school we learned period dances from the Middle Ages; this would do wonders for our Beloved Sister, along with medieval music that can be downloaded on the internet. Imagine the Sugar Cherubs Ballet on tour along with the Sugar Cherubs Symphony Orchestra.

      All of the above would be excellent therapy for the Sugar Cherubs. As for medication, all they would need if they also do this therapy, is plenty of biodymanic grains and vegetables and fruits and berries -- a strict vegetarian diet, of course, because all that meat-eating of theirs is making them aggressive and mentally unbalanced.

      > I think mouth frothing, convulsions and psychoses describes their descent to hell quite well. What they need is love!

      You've got the right idea. And the remedies I've described here should eliminate their convulsions, psychoses, emotional instabilities, and mental confusions. They may even reform that dangerous homicidal maniac over time.

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