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49401Re: [anthroposophy_tomorrow] Re: Creationism etc

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  • Maurice McCarthy
    Feb 9, 2012

      The original paper on "heretic mutation" was earlier than I
      remembered. It was called The Origin of Mutants by John Cairns
      (Nature, 1988) who is or was working for Harvard Public Health. He
      acquired a strain of E coli with no enzyme to digest lactose and then
      fed them lactose to stress the colonies. I believe the results were
      like this (though this is from Cunningham's book quoting some chap
      called Wagner.)

      Of 787 natural isolates
      40% of old, lactose intolerant colonies increased their variation 10-fold
      13% of them increased their variation 100-fold
      when compared to non-stressed colonies

      The increase in variation disappeared when the same colonies where fed
      what they could digest properly. The research has been confirmed
      several times in the years since. The general conclusion was that
      variation is under genetic control which is likely a self-fulfilling

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