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49400Vampires, psychoanalysis, Sugar Cherubs, hugs and kisses (was: Wilson)

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  • elfuncle
    Feb 9, 2012
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      --- In anthroposophy_tomorrow@yahoogroups.com, "ted.wrinch" <ted.wrinch@...> wrote:

      > The only reason the Wilson's 'national self-determination' proposal doesn't get short shrift is because it *sounds* high-minded, and that's enough for most people. Which is then just the thing conservative historians like Der Staudi (though he may see himself as 'radical' he really isn't) can then trade on to damn independent thinkers like Steiner: eg see WC message 8146.

      This makes it reasonable to suspect that Frank was banned from Sugarland because his arguments were too rational and too knowledgeable with no wackiness that could be used to scare Waldorf parents on Halloween. Of course some scholars may disagree with the conclusions based on such an analysis and point to some of Frank's inflammatory posts, like in WC message 314 (June 2007) when he suggested that the Sugar Cherubs were "afraid of not getting back to their coffins before sunrise" <sic>, thus throwing the Halloween syndrome back at them. But although they probably recognized this remark as much closer to home than Frank's rational and knowledgeable contributions -- subconsciously, that is, because mythic imagery has always described the Sugar Cherubs most faithfully and truthfully, especially about vampires and werewolves -- in spite of this, rational well-informed arguments always hurt them the most. Thus phrases like "Yours for avoiding truth and learning" and all that are always, always projections of their own shortcomings and pathologies on their chosen adversaries. Very few psychiatrists would argue otherwise, not successfully at any rate.

      In the fifth lecture of GA 172  (The Karma of Vocation, Dornach, November 1916), Steiner mentioned some theologians who under the influence of psychoanalysis talked about  "the bestial slime at the bottom of the soul."  One of our most notorious Adorable Darlings who chose to put his expert knowledge of anthroposophy in the service of PS and his cohorts, cited this lecture when I was scanning it with special attention to this expression ("the bestial slime at the bottom of the soul"). This also seems to have hit them deeply, but they're endemically incapable of soul-searching. Except Diana perhaps. She's struggling. She and all those fellow Sugar Cherubs of hers who are longing to cleanse their souls of bestial slime should know that we stand behind them, ready to embrace and receive them with the deepest affection and love and forgiveness and divinity, any time of year, any hour of day or night. We'll always be there for them.

      With love, flowers, harmony, and divinity, and with a truckload of hugs and kisses for every Sugar Cherub in the universe,


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