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49396Rape and Abuse

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  • ted.wrinch
    Feb 9, 2012
      The blog I referenced in my most recent reply to Maurice has other evidence of Hole style prejudice. Alicia's there already (misery loves misery), and the UK author has this to say on Camphill Aberdeen (the centre that Karl Koenig founded after escaping the Nazis before WW2):

      "`This is about the promotion of quackery at the expense of the most vulnerable members of our society'


      On this topic, Pete K. has responded with an accusation of rape (of his former wife) and abuse (by her):

      "My ex described to me how she abused kids at the Camphill in Aberdeen. She was
      there as an exchange student and was regularly raped by the adult male at the
      home where she was staying. She later (remorsefully) described clubbing
      developmentally disabled children over the head with the wooden handles of a
      jump rope."

      One can only feel a sense of sadness for all involved. Who knows what problems the young woman took away from this experience but it's clear that the issues within the Karaiskos family and school environment have very deep and wide roots, and wider than the problems he has been describing in connection with Highland Hall. With this context in mind, it seems unlikely that his ensuing lawsuit against HH will bring the simple victory that he is anticipating.

      Of course, now that I've mentioned Pete's family he will threaten to 'come after me'; but, hey Pete: YOU BROUGHT IT UP (I couldn't resist using a Karaiskosian style hyperbolising capitalisation!).


      Ted Wrinch