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  • dottie zold
    Apr 27, 2004
      Hey Folks,

      I was just peeking in over in critic land and a very interesting cat
      just showed up with a great Waldorf school experience. Not very
      different from the folks I have been running into around Los Angeles.
      But it is the response from the critics that is really telling.

      It seems Dan can't specifically say they are a cult these days
      although he does say they were one when Dr. STeiner was around. BUT
      of course now they are becoming a religion so maybe not an outright
      cult. Okay. And then we come to Dan saying that the kids don't hear
      about Dr. STeiner until the 12th grade. Hello. Some cult we got going
      on here ey Dan and Lisa <g>? Whew.

      Then we have the point by Peter F. saying that even if the kids are
      not taught Anthroposophy you can bet the teachers are....ooohh watch
      out for that boogey man guys...just ridiculous. Not only has
      Staudenmaiers point evaporated so has the critics. Very very
      interesting. They are showing themselves to be thought police.
      Staudenamier is using his twisted perception again stating that
      Steiner students close ranks. Man ol man, this cat just can't see
      straight. Anyone who disagrees with him is closing ranks. Ridiculous.

      Maybe Tarjei or someone, or even Lisa or Dan :) might forward the
      post from the new former student of Waldorf and the responses from
      Lisa, Walden and Peter F.

      Smoke and frieken mirrors is all they got. Utterly ridiculous. I mean
      how can you claim it is a cult and say that they are not teaching the
      children about Anthroposophy and its founder. Kids do not even
      remember being taught about Dr. STeiner let alone about gnomes and so
      forth. Dan is like ...you must remember, or maybe you just forgot.
      Whoa, some cult that is wouldn't you say Dan and Lisa?

      The longer PLANS exists the easier it is to see through their
      ridiculous comments about cult and religion, wet on wets and
      indoctrinating them by stealth as just mentioned by one of their
      everyday post up artists.