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48485Re: The danger of Dahmanhur

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  • Kim
    Nov 2, 2011
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      Dear Are,
      It's a little difficult to believe without deeper knowledge about what
      actually happens.

      If we assume it is real, it's black magic as the energy is drawn out of
      people, they don't give it freely. Ahrimanic beings functions like a

      Then there is the why, and it could be to increase the strength of their
      leaders and it can be to keep the members weak, which is done by many
      organizations to bind their members to the organization through various


      --- In anthroposophy_tomorrow@yahoogroups.com, "Are Thoresen"
      <arethore@...> wrote:
      > Dear friends,
      > In the foothills of the Alps, on the Italian side, there is a
      "village" or
      > society called Dahmanhur. It consists of a number (10-20) of temples,
      dug in
      > the mountain, all underground, 2-3 hundred of followers locally, but
      > thousands worldwide, and ruled by an old man called "Falco". They
      > stone spirals worldwide, to suck energy out of those who walk in these
      > spirals, and according to the leaders, this energy is used for the
      > benefit of the followers. They get among other things secret
      information of
      > their former lives ..
      > To me the resemblance to the "Old man at the mountain" and his
      assassins is
      > obvious. The assassins can not longer kill pilgrims and eat hasjish,
      but the
      > described system works very well. I myself have walked in such a
      spiral, and
      > I have also watched others walk there. As they walked flames and
      > creatures appeared under their feet, and there were loud shrikes in
      the air.
      > What do you think?? Is this a village supporting the "dark side"?
      > Are
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