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48408Re: Liberals and left-wingers (was: Der Staudi and the real)

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  • Frank Thomas Smith
    Oct 1, 2011
      > --- In anthroposophy_tomorrow@yahoogroups.com, "fs13997" <fs13997@>
      > wrote:
      > > It was designed with three arrow that symbolize the three forces of
      > the
      > > soul, i.e. feeling, thinking and willing. It was meant to have an
      > anthro
      > > meaning. However, the symbol was adopted only for aesthetic reasons,
      > not
      > > because of ideological or spiritual reasons. (Sergio Corbatti & Marco
      > > Nava - Sentire - Pensare - Volere: Storia della Legione SS italiana,
      > > p356). Also, soldiers of the 1st battallion of the 81th regiment had
      > > Steiner's books in their backback, although they did not have much
      > > time to read it, and most died very soon at Nettuno.

      Check out this video of the 1st Mountain Guinea battalian della Legione SSS Anthromacaroni in ACTION:

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