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48296Re: Argument, logic and epistemology

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  • Frank Thomas Smith
    Sep 8, 2011
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      --- In anthroposophy_tomorrow@yahoogroups.com, "elfuncle" <elfuncle@...> wrote:
      "...The WC is, of course, a hate group, similar to jihad-watch and jew-watch and all that. When "der Staudi" talks about how many anthroposophically oriented holocaust deniers he can cram into a Volkswagen, implying that a high percentage of anthroposophists are holocaust deniers like our Adorable Darlings, it's like hearing Glenn Beck argue that ten percent of Muslims are terrorists, which would translate into hundreds of thousands, possibly a million.
      > Such is the language, the rhetoric, the logic, of hate.

      It's a method, Tarjei. That's why they love Steve Hale so much. He's a holocaust denier and conspiracy theorist - so they can claim (aka lie) that he's typical of anthropsophists.
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