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48287Re: Argument, logic and epistemology

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  • elfuncle
    Sep 7, 2011
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      --- In anthroposophy_tomorrow@yahoogroups.com, "ted.wrinch" <ted.wrinch@...> wrote:
      > Over in sugar land, Dugan has said that Hale has lost the holocaust argument because he hasn't responded and Der Staudi has attacked Dennis, Joel (!) and anthroposophists in general for their lack of familiarity with epistemology. But Dugan is selective in his application of logic and Der Staudi's epistemological knowledge is patchy.

      None of the Sugar Cherubs seem to understand what epistemology is, and they keep confusing Steiner's epistemolgy as outlined in Truth And Knowledge (GA 3) and the PoF (GA 4) with other statements of his that have nothing to do with epistemology. In a nutshell, it's the investigation into how we acquire knowledge and how we know that we know something. So it's a branch of science belonging to the realm of philosophy. It's subject to evolution and change as human consciousness and culture evolves.

      > The logic evinced in the ongoing hole crusade to claim that there is no spiritual link between the first 40 years of Steiner's life and the last 25 is apparent by its absence. Der Staudi wishes to claim that it is normal for an author to forget who they were at the end of their life, when they perhaps write their autobiography, and to instead make significant things up.

      Exactly. This is only yet another hopeless and brainless discussion going on there, no longer worth commenting. Der Staudi, as you call him, has been insisting for a very long time that Steiner gave false information in his autobio about his life, thoughts and feelings before he was 40, not because he lied about it, and not because he suffered from premature dementia or Alzheimer in his early sixties, but because everybody gets their past wrong when they try to tell about it later. In other words, no autobiographies or memoirs are reliable because people simply can't remember things decades later. And the other Sugar Cherubs only echo Der Staudi's doctrine. Boring and totally absurd.

      It's no surprise that our beloved Adorable Darling (with his sweet vocabulary and blessings in our direction) in the Unthinkable Facility is losing "the holocaust argument" precisely as DD says, because he has always expressed himself in an anti-Semitic vein, apparently inspired by Bondarev, the only person to have his AS membership revoked by the Vorstand to the best of my recollection. Our beloved Adorable Darling keeps refusing to answer whether or not he believes that the Nazi regime had a "final solution" for "the Jewish problem. I've never understood holocaust deniers, because I grew up with first hand accounts from the older generation, and I saw innumerable documentaries, article and books about it. Auschwitz is still standing with all the evidence, and Stephen Spielberg has taped hundreds of interviews with death camp survivors in video, after he made "Schindler's List". To deny these horrible historical facts is madness, and madness is the hallmark of most (if not all?) beloved Adorable Darlings.

      And as "der Staudi" points out, there are others like him. Those are his fellow Adorable Darlings, who sometimes congregate in Yahoo groups of their own. Racism and holocaust denial and fascism and such are things that characterize many of them. It's sadly amusing to see the explosive chemical reaction that results when an Adorable Darling like that is thrown into the Unthinkable Facility, a lair of highly toxic babysnakes and pathological liars affectionately referred to by us as Sugar Cherubs.

      The WC is, of course, a hate group, similar to jihad-watch and jew-watch and all that. When "der Staudi" talks about how many anthroposophically oriented holocaust deniers he can cram into a Volkswagen, implying that a high percentage of anthroposophists are holocaust deniers like our Adorable Darlings, it's like hearing Glenn Beck argue that ten percent of Muslims are terrorists, which would translate into hundreds of thousands, possibly a million.

      Such is the language, the rhetoric, the logic, of hate.


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