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48250Taliban at the WC

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  • Frank Thomas Smith
    Aug 30 11:47 AM
      They have a multicultural troll at the WC now. You gotta hand it to them - they got [sick] imagination. The latest one is an Ay-rab atheist playing the usual worn out role of a divorced father whose kids are in a W-school. You know, a la Pete K. Now if you check up on this guy in google, you'll find that he really exists - apparently - has a facebook page and all. Just like another one a few weeks ago. Secret: identity theft. All you gotta do is pick a name of someone who is unlikely to ever hear of the WC (except on trains). Then you make a google or yahoo email account using that name. You shouldn't keep it up too long though, might get caught. What? you'll ask. Would they be capable of *such* a dirty trick? You gotta be kidding. The answer is a resounding YES. Who? Let's see. Diana is dumber than me. Dan is dumber than Diana. Pete K. is close to a moron. Peter S. is a coward who'd be afraid of losing his job. Alicia is an innocent...maybe. That leaves Tom (not a suspect) and ....Roger the Rat! (can't resist alliterations).
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