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48198Re: [anthroposophy_tomorrow] Re: The Sugar Cherubs and massacres

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  • Michael Gorbachev
    Aug 12, 2011
      Yes, in life all is a balancing act; too much of anything is not good, it can make one ill. And these hole folks are definetly ill. They have digested teaching from Anthroposophy altogether in the wrong way and can't process it making them ill. Too much of an antidote and they overdose making them even sicker. There is only one cure for these hole folks really, pain and suffering in the real world. No doubt the US hurtling into debt oblivion will cause them to rethink the foundations of their universe.

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      > But the shadow of a cross is not good for Vampires; it vaporises them into dust. Maybe too much love has the same effect?

      Absolutely. That's why our Lovathon ends officially at Michaelmas, hopefully before they get seriously ill because of all this lovin'.


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