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48176Fate of Unredeemed Sugar Cherubs (was: The Templars)

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  • elfuncle
    Aug 4, 2011
      --- In anthroposophy_tomorrow@yahoogroups.com, "elfuncle" <elfuncle@...> wrote:

      > This doesn't mean that the Sugar Cherubs don't have a special place in my loving heart, that I have forgotten them. And to prove this, I share my compassionate concern for them frequently, and I quote their gems of wisdom as quotes of the week or of the month whenever I discover something brilliant among them. And I wish to take this opportunity to send them my hugs and kisses, and I hope all those who read this here at the AT will chip in with their own hugs and kisses for the Sugar Cherubs, so we may succeed in saving them from retardation and perdition and the fate of evolving into muddy slime under our feet at future Jupiter.

      This was thoughtless of me. We won't have "feet" on future Jupiter (unless you take it symbolically), because this will be very long after the cessation of physical incarnations, but we'll be hovering above while they will be stuck in sticky slime below.

      Rudolf Steiner:
      "We now breathe air. On Jupiter there will in essence be no air. Instead, Jupiter will be surrounded by a substance that, in comparison to our air, will be something refined, something etheric. In this substance those human beings will live who have reached the goal of the earth. Those others who have remained behind, however, will have to breathe something like a repulsively warm, boiling, fiery air infused with a dank stuffiness full of fetid odors. Thus the people who did not attain the maturity appropriate to the earth will be a cross for the other Jupiter people, for they will have a pestilent effect in the environment, in the swamps and other land masses of Jupiter. The fluid-physical components of the bodies of these people will be comparable to a liquid which constantly seeks to solidify, freezes up, coagulates. Consequently these beings will not only have this horrendous air to breathe but also a bodily state in which the blood would seem continually to congeal, to cease to remain fluid. The actual physical body of these beings will consist of a kind of slimy substance more revolting than the bodily substance of our present snails and fully equipped to secrete something like a kind of crust surrounding them. This crust will be softer than the skin of our present snakes, like a kind of soft scaly armor. Thus will these beings live in a rather less than appealing manner in the elements of Jupiter."

      ( -- The Significance of Spiritual Research For Moral Action  , Bielefeld, March 6, 1911, GA 127)

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