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48175The Templars

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  • elfuncle
    Aug 4, 2011
      Here is a lecture by Rudolf Steiner: "The Templars," given in Dornach, 2nd October 1916 (GA 171):



      "When a person performs his daily task with his hands or with implements, he places some external material thing into the world. With a mysticism such as was unfolded by the Knights Templar, something spiritual is added to the spiritual "effects" of the world. And inasmuch as this took place, humanity was actually brought a stage further in its evolution. Through this experience of the Templars, the Mystery of Golgotha was understood, and also experienced, at a higher stage than before. Something was now present in the world, in regard to this Mystery of Golgotha, which was formerly not there.

      "The souls of the Templars had however at the same time achieved something else. Through this intense inward penetration into the Mystery of Golgotha, they had gained the power actually to attain Christian initiation by means of the historical event. Christian initiation may be attained in the manner described in our books, but in this case it was attained in the following way. Their external deeds and the enthusiasm that lived in these deeds drew forth the souls of the Templars, so that these souls, apart from the body, outside the body, lived with the spiritual progress of humanity and penetrated in soul and spirit the secrets of the Mystery of Golgotha. Many and deep experiences were then undergone, and not for the individual soul alone but for all humanity."

      Now for something else:

      I've peeked into the Wisdom Community, having to hold my breath as usual, because among these beings in special need of soul-care, namely the Sugar Cherubs, the odor is still stronger than the wisdom unfortunately, and in spite of our intense Lovathon that will continue at least until Michaelmas -- we have now replaced Trolling, which used to freak those precious, blessed hearts out, with a Lovathon -- they are still in a state of intellectual confusion because of their passionate hostilities and animosities.

      Because of this confusion and addiction to intellectual ping-pong (fruitless, pointless, and soulless discussions), they seem to believe that I am interested in participating in their decadent and retarded mental activities. The truth is that I withdrew from discussions in 2005, that's 6 years ago, and I have also disabled comments on my blog, which means that Sugar Cherubs and anthro-wackos -- I'll need to find a pretty name for the latter too, in the spirit of our Lovathon -- have to take their venom elsewhere.

      This means I don't answer questions, I don't respond to challenges or accusations or falsely attributed opinions and views, and I most certainly don't accept unpaid assignments requiring lengthy responses, research and that kind of stuff. I only share things, either links, quotes, or things I have written myself, and I do not discuss them.

      This doesn't mean that the Sugar Cherubs don't have a special place in my loving heart, that I have forgotten them. And to prove this, I share my compassionate concern for them frequently, and I quote their gems of wisdom as quotes of the week or of the month whenever I discover something brilliant among them. And I wish to take this opportunity to send them my hugs and kisses, and I hope all those who read this here at the AT will chip in with their own hugs and kisses for the Sugar Cherubs, so we may succeed in saving them from retardation and perdition and the fate of evolving into muddy slime under our feet at future Jupiter.

      Love, peace and happiness,

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