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48136Re: [anthroposophy_tomorrow] Re: Prison, death penalty, the WC (was: Oslo in the world headlines)

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  • dottie zold
    Jul 24, 2011
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      I don't think people realize that the old terrorism that occurred is a different one that will occur today. They see it brought alot of heat on their people's heads and it wasn't worth it....only the ignorant will pursue such idiocacy in the future it seems to me.
      I think on the extremist islam side you will see something akin to what took place and the reasoning for the cruscades.... we are recapitulating in a way, or so it seems to me, this period of time. So its now about infiltrating .... its more about Ahriman using Lucifer to get into the communities so that Sordat can swing by and collect his booty for the future. So the communities will be taken over by stealth, although it looks like inclusion, by the extremist, and only love will save the day between those who are extremist using the religion and god for their own use and those who truly are honoring something higher then them that lives in the heart.
      I think we can see that a fundamentalist religious fevor on either side is what brings hate and those who are true lovers of man and the cultural religion they were born into can save the day through love and righteousness....
      so are my thoughts on this sunday morn,

      "Hence only by means of love can we give real help for karma to work out in the right way." Rudolf Steiner

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      > I didn't think it was muslims rather a fanatic and that could be any.

      Oslo was far from an unlikely target for islamic extremists, so this assumption did make sense at first. Security here has been very low compared to the rest of Europe and other parts of the world, there's a lot of debate about that now because we'd like to keep it that way. I have personally engaged in casual conversations with politicians and incumbent government reps I've met on the street, in stores, in caf├ęs and shops and so on over the years, and Norway has always been proud of this kind of openness between ordinary people and political leaders. Of course new security measures will be implemented after this, but they don't want this openness and availability to be reduced.

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