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  • Charlotte Cowell
    Mar 10, 2011
      Actually Frank that had never occurred to me, but it's an interesting idea, who knows! In fact now you come to mention it, I DID get converted to Christianity while I was there (during my second year, over Pentecost), sparked by someone who was a Benedictine and the first place I moved after leaving the university was Black Heath in London, where (as I later discovered) they buried a lot of plague victims!! I also love choral music, which probably helps, and have spent the last 15 years since I left wondering intermittently whether I should go into monastic seclusion. Funny, lol!!

      All that said, while I have got some past life inklings (several deaths in dreams), the medieval priest notion had not popped up, although I do have a kind of memory that I think is from around that era and was in fact set in Oxford - I most definitely have a strong karmic tie to the town, that's for sure. What I can recall is being the young male assistant of someone who was appeared to be a mad knight, duke or even king, although maybe he seemed mad because of the situation, in which we were both besieged in a tower pursued by a marauding army.

      All I can really remember is us being barricaded into this tower that had wooden floors, and although it was a very large room there was no furniture in there, just a couple of big tapestries on the walls. The soldiers of the invading army were banging against the trap door and my knight was roaring his head off for swords going absolutely berserk, to such a dramatic event I couldn't help but find it comical, even though it was terrifying and I knew we were going to die.  I dashed into another room that had quite a stockpile of weapons in there, grabbed two swords and threw them both to him, whereupon he started hacking at whoever came up from the stairs, roaring 'OFF WITH THEIR HEADS!!". It all ended pretty soon after that, lol


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      > Which college did your mother in law go to? I am also an Oxonian, I was at New College, which was established to train a priestly community because so many had died during the Black Death. I had a wonderful time there, it is a truly magical place, very spiritual and with an amazing choir. Happy Days!
      Hi Cx,
      The Black Death, if I remember correctly, was in the 14th century. Are you saying that you were around then...as a priest maybe?

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