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46110Anthroposophical Yahoo Group for Sale

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  • elfuncle
    Jan 11, 2011
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      I know there's a lot of anthro-wackos and hole-vermin wanting to join forces so they can adulterate and vandalize a Yahoo anthro-forum. Well, I'm letting Libra go for say, fifty grand. That's cheap. Picture of young Steiner has decorated the page for many years. It's been dead quiet for almost 3 years now, but the mad and angry ones can make it noisy in no time and and turn it into a place of disrepute. They've been longing to do that for years and years with aches and pains and anguish. For fifty grand youve got it. The only catch is, you need a command of Scandinavian (Norwegian, Danish or Swedish), and the money has to be paid up front, in advance.


      the group has a nutty history (Norwegian required):


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